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ABAQUS Tutorial and Assignment #1

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1-1 ABAQUS Tutorial: Schedule & Proceedings

1-2 Learning ABAQUS: Begin with ABAQUS Command

1-3 Computer Assignment #1: Plate with circular hole

1-4 CAE Example: Having a sense of ABAQUS CAE




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Certainly helped with our class!

She is expecting! Read her post on early signs of pregnancy and give us your support at funbaby

You are so nice, thank you!

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Cool, this kind of study material if shared ii good, I want to learn and improve my basics in non linear analysis, have any suggestion for me.

I want to learn the approach strategy for a fea problem, specially how the load is applied and boundary conditions, under which category this problem comes ect... please advise


Hello everyone,


When you create the model (for example a rectangle sample) in abaqus, I don't understand how you apply a crack and how you have a stress distribution in all the sample. Can somebody advise me ?

Thanks in advance.


I'm a student in the States and I am needing an update tutorial site for abaqus.  I've read throught this site, but a few of the sites I've looked at are 3 and 4 year old tutorials.  I'm looking for help with engineering solids, for car and motorcycle parts .  Any suggestions for a good tutorial would be helpful.  Thanks

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Although emphasis is in orthotropic and laminated materials, you can use most of the book, including many examples, to learn Abaqus/CAE. Many users have said it helped learn Abaqus even though they were not that interested in Composites but somethig else. Model generation, elements to be use, an so on are common for all applications of Abaqus. Ch. 2 Intro to FEA. Ch. 3 Elasticity. Ch. 4 Buckling. Ch. 5 deals with 3D stress, Ch. 6. also 3D, Ch. 7. viscoelasticity, Chapters 8 and 9. damage, and Ch. 10. delaminations. There are many solved examples with pseudo-code that you can follow to do the examples in Abaqus/CAE.   

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I doubt the kind of learning that you need can be provided via comments here, and that you will get anything complete to your specific needs. It is better to apply to some training, either online or offline. A simple search results for abaqus training point to Simulia Services website. Here is a list of all available courses from them:

 Hope this helps a bit... :)


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ABAQUS documentation is a powerful and completed user's resource and easy to follow for beginners.

Hi dear madam.

thank you for your usefull links.

i have a trouble modeling a linked beam-truss structure. can you help me through this?


Hi madam.

you seam to be very experienced. I have a problem modeling a simple reinforced concrete beam. can you help me?

thank you. 

Hello madam ! Can you please send me the installer of Abaqus software? I want to learn about this softwar.,



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Abaqus is a comercial package and its cost depends on where you intend to use e.g., Industry, University, Research centre etc. As far as I know, there is no way to legally get a trial version of this software for free. In any case you should consult Abaqus directly.

V. Hegadekatte, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

There is a student version though which has some size limitations (less than 1000 nodes). You need a student card to request one.

dear all

I need help in my work i started to work with ABACUS and i suppose to work with shoulder data to review the reverse implant inside this shoulder.

 i can not explain this very well but i need some expert in ABACUS to ask them what to do exactly or at least get me started.

 Pleaseeeeeeeee i need an URGENT help......FROM ANY ONE.

please reply to me on:

Thank you


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Hi Dear All,

I am Jamal, a PhD candidate from Cardiff University.

I try to model and validate an example of a hyperelastic plate with a circular hole problem.

The problem was demonstrated in a paper entitled 'FE formulation of the Ogden material model

with application to rubber like shells' by Y Basar and M. Itskov. Inter. Journal for Numerical

Methods in Engineering, 42, 1279-1305(1998).


I have modelled it in Abaqus 6.6.1 but the results seem not according to that journal paper.

Moreover, it's very difficult to get the results converged.

I have the journal paper and my abaqus results but I just don't know how to attach them here.

If anyone is interested to help me with this matter, I will e-mail the attachments.

Please write to:


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You cannot attach a file to a comment.  However, you can start a new post, and attatch a file with the post.  You can then add a comment here and make a link to your post.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply. However, I attempted to start a new post several times but failed to attach the files:

Remarks: "File attachment is disabled...."

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Thank you for letting us know of the problem with attachment.  This problem has been fixed now.  You can attach a file with a post.

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Dear All,

I have posted a blog entry entitled "Modelling Hyper-elastic Plate Using Abaqus" @ J Mahmud's blog. It describes my work on hyperlatic plate.

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my work.

J Mahmud

Dear Nanshu Lu

Is it possible to solve crack propagation problem with ABAQUS CAE? (i. e. with Graphical user interface) 

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Hi, cohesive zone model is a useful tool to model irreversible failures such as crack propagation in ABAQUS. Modeling details can be found in ABAQUS Documentation.

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Hello, IMechanica's mate, you mentioned cohesive zone model, i use this kind in my studies of initiation and propagation of cracks near a weld joints, i want to use ABAQUS to simulate these behaviours, please can you fit me in this field by giving me some advises. thanks

Hi,could you please give me an idea how to apply cyclic loads in abaqus??Material is aluminium,frequency - 5hz,No. of cycles- 25000,Max-Min loads : 25KN - 2KN??Been struggling to figure this out for a long time.

Hi mam. My nameof  is taj pursuing my masters in glasgow university. I am designing a product for a company which consist high density poly ehtylene and poly urithiene. I want to do load analysis on that product is it possible with abaqus. I dont know how to use abaqus can u plz guide me regarding this. Or any other software which you can recommend for this problem.

                                                                                                                                       Thank you

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hi this s arun from in IITMadras india,am doing shell modeling of aluminium plates in abaqus 6.9,want to give the values of continum shell section and attached  the pic for your refernce.please help me..

1-4 CAE Example.pdf  There is this example in the abaqus help file also you can find more complex tutorial in the help file. I need simulation techniques about Self piercin rivets. Is there any body here who know self piercing rivets simulation in Abaqus...

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Sorry that I have no experience on simulation of self piercing rivets in ABAQUS. If you just search "rivet" in ABAQUS Documentation you can find out Tutorials-->Getting started with ABAQUS-->C6 has a related example. Good luck.

Madam, i am a beginner with Abaqus and wanted to go with friction welding. Can you please suggest me some tutorials regarding this?

I have prepared FE model for crack growth analysis in ABAQUS. I want to know that how can we get out put results? e.g. CTOD or J- intergral values. I am getting LLD. Plz help me

Hi vikas,

CTOD u can calculate using 45 degrees intercept concept by taking the displacements from FEM.

Can u please tell me how to get Load-line displacements..



Hi Sivakumar

I have found nodal displacement at loading points.

Can you tell me, how to select the cohesive element properties. The model which one prepared, I assume arbitary values of cohesive element properties. You can send me reply on my email as well. Its



Could you send me fatigue crack growth analysis tutorials in Abaqus?

Thank you .

Thanks a lot Nanshu for ABAQUS tutorial. I am now learning ABAQUS by myself. If you have this type of more tutorials can you upload it specially truss elements?

thank you once again.


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You are welcome. 

Here is a website for ABAQUS tutorial from a course at Brown University EN175: Advanced Mechanics of Solids.

Hope it can help.


Dear madam, 

Iam a ressearch scholor from IITM,I would like to know procedure that,how one can model particulate metal matrix composites (wherein reinforces particles of different sizes,orients in different directions in the metal matrix) using either ABAQUS CAE or ANSYS.

I will be very greatful,if you provide this information. 

Dear Nanshu Lu,


I am a new user of this software, now I have problems with modelling. I am doing research about pipe bends. So, if you have experiences about this please tell me. Thanks for your kind help


Best regards, 



Hi MS. Lu,

I found this link very helpfull. however I have hard time following the steps in this example.

The 7th step "Running ABAQUS/POST" it required to run a file named EXCEED. I am using ABAQUS version 6-7 and I can not find the file. Would you help me on that manner.





i am arun and am doin my msc in astronautics at cranfield university,uk, and am using abaqus to simulate a single shear composite to metal bolted/bonded lap joint using solid elements for my thesis

could you please advise me on how to model composite laminates using solid elements?

 could you also please advise me how to model the adhesive that joins the composite and metal substrates and what type contact conditions should i specify?

i will be most grateful if you could respond to my query, Thank you very much 

 I am a design engineer , I had many years with the modelling and I always want to learn ABAQUS ..thanks for the tutorial.  


I am learning everyday

Thank you very much for sharing the tutorials. They are very useful for new users of Abaqus!

Thank you very much for abaqus tutorials. It is very usefull for learnin abaqus.

I need Abaqus CAE tutorials for experiencing with students. I will so happy if any body give me tutorial adresses, or turorials for usage of "Abaqus CAE".

Especially thaks for Ku this tutorial. But any orther tutorails have got please share us. It is not important levels.

Gokhan Altintas.


I am a brazilian student and I am learning Abaqus by myself, but Iam with some problems. I need to model a composite material but I have not had success. If anybody now Abaqus tutorial for composite material I will be very greatful.

comments: I don't write in English very well... 



Fiber reinforced composites Textile reinforced composites


Thank you for the share. Thanks. I plan to simulate the performance of the fiber or textile reinforced composites. How about Abaqus? Could some one give me some advice?


Thank you in advance.

 Hello Dear all.

I am working on project , encountering with one problem about how i can use element spilliting methode in abaqus whether with abaqus toolbars or with introducing subroutine

is any one can help me?

thanck you in advance 

Hi guys..i'am an italian student. I'am studing the delamination problem of composite laminate material.someone cna help me? Please.

 thank you in advance.

Hi guys

Is there any one who is busy with visco-elastic material modeling with ABAQUS? please let me know.








 I am a new user here, and I have two problems to use ABAQUS/CAE,

the first problem, I need some tutorials or helps to simulate a coupled temperature-displacement in ABAQUS/CAE !!

Best Regards



i am simulating a coupled temperature-displacement of composite in ABAQUS/. does anybody have some experience on coupled temperature-displacement simulation of composite please do me a favor, and give me some suggestion.

Hai All,

Iam  a research Scholar from IIT Madras,India  working with ABAQUS. I need some tutorial kind of thing for modeling crack.

Please kindly suggest me the ways to follow to model a Crack in a 3D specimen. and is it possible to model surface cracks in shells using ABAQUS?

Hope someone will help




Dear Sir

Is it possible to solve crack propagation problem with ABAQUS CAE? (i. e. with Graphical user interface) 


iam not getting *fil file after running analysis in abaqus cae ,due to this iam not able to do pre&post process in hypermesh,can u guide me on this regard


When you create any model in CAE, it does not create *.fil by default. If you want *.fil file after analysis, you need to enter (*NODE FILE) or (*ELEMENT FILE) line manually in your input file. You need to enter the node set or element set(whatever u want) in that line and data line will include the variables, you want to write in the *.fil file.

You can look at *Node File section in ABAQUS keywords manual if you need more details.

Good luck!!!


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I want to define an special Behavior (Super-elastic ) for ABAQUS,and I tried to Link my UserMAterial routinr (UMAT) to the program but it doesn't identify my Fortran I don't know why? How can I do that

by the way is there anyone who had done kind of this job?

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You should check the .log file for additional information on linking errors.

Also, there is a specialized ABAQUS users' forum on where you can get some extra help.





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Have you checked if the right compiler and options are being used in
the environment file? Also, try to run your model with some standard
UMAT/VUMAT (as be the case) provided by abaqus. This might help you
narrow down the problem.



did you install fortran compiler  and config the lib path and include path correctly? did you pass all the verification of abaqus?

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This is in no means meant to replace any discusion here, but I thought these links might help. They are ABAQUS forums where you can get questions answered.

The official site (ABAQUS answers, requires registration)

The most popular (as far as I know) forum for Abaqus users (unofficial):

Hope this helps, please share any other resources you may know of.



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There is also a yahoo group, might find it helpful.

Although, I think this is somehow related to the abaqus users group in


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I have a question , Could I submit a calcul with tow user subroutine one DLOAD and one UMAT  in the same time ? and how can i do that ?


Dan Cojocaru's picture

Yes, you can. You should place both (all) user subroutines in the same subroutine file which you further need to supply when running the job.


Dear Madam,

Thank you for the documents you have linked. I have a student version of abaqus and i effectively needed this type of document to understand a certain number of things. There are still options that are not obvious for me, but i think i am in the good way.

I was wondering if you had a tutorial concerning crack introduction in a 3-D sample. I would like to have a force representation in function of the mesh size. I don't know how hard a such representation is.

Once again, thank you for your help.

Best regards. 

Hello ay body in this forum can send me the software about abaqus even the trial version or low version only . I want to study this software but I don't have  any copy of the softeware..Please  help..

M. A. AL-Bukhaiti's picture

Dear Sir, I would like appreciate to provide me by a various types of abaqus  tutorials that are related to dynamic simulation. My research field is in the erosive wear of matewrials. Thanks in davance .

vh's picture

Mr. Al-Bukhaiti,
Consult the abaqus documentation for a variety of tutorial problems. If you are working on a unix/linux system, then type "abaqus doc" on the command prompt to go to the documentation. Alternatively you can search on Google for "abaqus documentation" for a lot of links. I found the following link:

If you are interested in simulating wear using Abaqus, then you can refer to my papers/PhD thesis ( which deals with wear of ceramic micro components. Also you will find there a review of the literature in this field. Most of my work is concerned with sliding wear, but may be useful for you.

V. Hegadekatte, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

i am a post graduate student. I am doing my project in FRICTION WELDING . I am in a situation to use ABAQUS in my project. So i need ur help me in create the finite element model

thank you

I am working on finite element formulation of thermopiezoelectric shell element. i want to incorporate the element in Abaqus software as a project work. i would like to know how to add the new element in can i add? Pls do help



please help me for modeling explosive forming in abaqus

how can i model this metal forming process ( explosive forming ) in abaqus

hi, my name is Paul I´m doing a masters degree in Civil engineering, it´s my first time to try finite element method in abaqus, use others softwares before, all the examples that i saw the help of the program are really complicated, could some send me a procedure o tutorial to do something like a a simple beam or a cantilever beam with four elements (1D, 2D Beams elements) whit one concentrated load and another distributed load, to really understand how the program works, I really y need your help, well, best regards for all of you and good bless you, take care.

 sorry if i misspell something I´m from Bolivia a speaking Spanish country

Pd. E-mail:

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Learning Abaqus is too easy, even easier than Ansys.

You can start with "Getting Started" section in it's help.


Can anyone send me the abaqus software?

I don't have this software and I need it ....


gloriatrack's picture

As Mr. Hegkadette mentioned earlier:

"Abaqus is a comercial package and its cost depends on where you intend
to use e.g., Industry, University, Research centre etc. As far as I
know, there is no way to legally get a trial version of this software
for free. In any case you should consult Abaqus directly."


Gloria @

hessamvalidi's picture


I want to model  Wear of rolls that occures in Roll-Forming process. I am doing this by Abaqus.

Who can give me some information about this matter?





I'am a French student, and I have to work on a student project with Ansys of which the aim is to know the pressure (during time) in a compressible fluid layer impacted by a cylindric rigid body having a constant velocity.

Do you know if it is possible to solve this problem with CFX/CFD Flotran, or if I have to explore an other way to solve my problem? Has somebody experience in this domain (impact, fluid), and could help me?

Thank you for your help.





I have a .DXF file drawn by AutoCad. I'm going to mesh it using Abaqus but I can't mesh it as it's not a part. Please guide me.



Autocad is not feature based tool. Autocad image is conposed of lines (vectors) only.


I am modelling composite structure consist of concrete slab on I-beam, I not sure how to define the 'contact' between surfaces of the sections. any good/simple example (*.inp or *.cae) that i could refer to? so that i will know how/when/where to apply the 'contact' function. please advice. thanks.

Dear members of this community, as a very real newbie to ABAQUS, I would be glad to receive immediate response to this my very first post, if possible...

My subject is as follows:

A cantilever beam, left-end fixed, total length 3 meters.
Material: Steel, Elastic-perfectly plastic, Yield stress:240 MPa
Loading: Varying displacement at free end, node 167 (for example).

Displacement amplitudes:

Time---Magnitude as follows
0.0 ---  0
0.1 ---  1
0.2 ---  2
0.3 ---  -3
0.4 ---  -5
0.5 ---  2

can anybody provide help with

i)material modeling (cyclic plasticity)
ii)applying these displacements?

With all of my best regards,


Dear madam,

how to model steel bar in concrete for abaqus/cae? Thank you.



I am research scholar and recently working on machining of FRP composites. I am in need to study laser cutting process using ABAQUS simulation for one of the problem. Can any one give me idea about how should i approached it with ABAQUS? Beause that will help me to reduce my plenty of time instead of walking in the dark room.


i try to solve stick-slip problem by abaqus 6.5-1,  when i enter to interaction property manager and choose the penalty and toggole on slip rate, the table appear, but the my problem is that, abaqus didnt accept negative value under slip rate becuase just i press on ok that message apear for me (allowable slip rate must be greater than or equal to zero)

so the question is who can i enter negative value to slip rate (relativ velocity)table?


hii yousif

 can you tell me how to give interaction properties for chip formation using abaqus..


thanking you


R.Kadam Student IIT Delhi (INDIA)

can anybody tell me how to model piezoelectric composite beam in ABAQUS using plane stress element? which section should i creat? solid homogeneous or composite shell? if i creat composite shell section..problem is that it can be assigned to 2-d shell and if u creat solid homogeneous section i m not gettig correct results.

kindly plz help me out  id

thanking you.


Hi for everu one I am young in this area 

so I need to do my master work for fracture mechanics in welds

So please help me about what software to use




Best regards 


I have got a little experience of working with ABAQUS

I have to carry out analysis of a fibre reinforced composite under tensile fatigue loading in order to simulate damage..

I have embedded Cohesive zone elements in the model for simulating delamination

Can anyone suggest me any material/tutorial that can help me start and how to to go about fatigue analysis in ABAQUS




I work about Modelling and digital simulation of the structures fissured under residual stresses, I have the problem to calculate the J-integral when I have  in initial condition residuel stress, because Abaqus (6.5) define that

Initial stresses are not considered in the definition of contour integrals. Therefore, contour integral calculations for analyses including initial stresses in the regions used for the contour integral calculations will not be correct

I have many others problems see: Modelling and digital simulation of the structures fissured under residual stresses

Can you help me

hi everybody.

i want to work in simulation in it possible to anyone to send file about learning that and help me. i really need to do it but i am confiused and i dont know what is the start point? . thank you.


hi everybody.

i want to work in simulation of it possible to anyone to send  a file about learning that and help me? I really need to do it because it is about my msc project.but i am confiused and i dont know what is the start point? . thank you.


Hi everyone 

Is there some ABAQUS Tutorial for the UEL subroutine?Embarassed

 Thank you!


I have recently begun work on developing my own user element in abaqus. It is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Have you had any luck finding any tutorial or other help on UEL subroutines since your post here?



Hi every one, i am a beginner with Abaqus. can we model friction welding process using Abaqus? If yes, can you please tell some introdution where to start with.

Hi, can anybody tell me how to do modal analysis in Abaqus?it is used to determine the mode shapes and natural freuquency in vibration analysis


I wanna model a 3D composite cantilever beam. My model is 3D, but I use shell element for the section because composite is just defined by shell element. So I can't assignment this section to my model. I'm very glad if you could give me some advises. 

Please try the solid composite property in ABAQUS 6.7. It is designed for this problem.

Good luck in your research! 

Kewei Li

Shanghai University 

alankar's picture


Could anybody please let me know if it is possible to use MATLAB functions/scripts in ABAQUS user interface UMAT ?

Regards ,

Ph.D. Student
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Washington State University, Pullman



Thanks for your excellent work,Mandam!





I love mechanics!

hello Lu,

I do thank you for your tutorials. But as i have tried the CAE example and i just manged to let work i tried to do my own model by creating part and i wanted to divide it but i did not find any help neither in simuli or tutorial or any other source to guide me on what i want to do basically. I hope if you can help me by emailing me so i can ask you directly please.

thank you


can anyone tell me what are the differences between ANSYS and Abaqus? 


can tou tell me the way of analysing a horizontally curved beam by ABAQUS?

Thanks nanshu lu.....for share tutorial with others....

Hello to everyone

I am doing my PhD at the Technical University of Munich (Germany)
and I want to simulate the structural effects of work pieces due to the thermal influence
of manufacturing processes like laser-beam-welding, laser-beam-cutting or
friction-stir-welding. Unfortunately I am more or less a beginner in ABAQUS,
but perhaps you can give me an advice how to start (a special tutorial for
thermal problems) or if it’s possible to simulate these kind of problems at all.

I would be deeply grateful for any help and 

thanks a lot in advance


Hi Mirko,

I think FSW is quite different from laser beam welding. Although both of them are joining process, the mechanism of FSW is far away from the traditional arc welding. So before your start, please decide which branch you should choose because both are not so easy to study. For FE simulation, I only carried out FEM calculation of arc welding, such as TIG, MIG and Laser. I highly recommend you to read Goldak's first paper of double eclipsoid welding pool model:COMPUTER MODELING OF HEAT-FLOW IN WELDS, METALLURGICAL TRANSACTIONS B-PROCESS METALLURGY 17 : 587 1986. That paper is a classical work.Another review is also good: Modeling of fundamental phenomena in welds,T Zacharia / J M Vitek / J A Goldak / T A DebRoy / M Rappaz / H K D H Bhadeshia,Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering,3 (2), p.265-288, Mar 1995.

I dont know if the newest version of ABAQUS  provides the Goldak model or not. But another FE software MSC.MARC has already succeeded in implementation of Goldak model as GUI module. Anyway you can implement the model easily using subroutines.

FSW is still very difficult to model, because the FSW is not simply melt and solidification process. Dynamic recrystallization taks place dramatically in FSW. I think the FE simulation of FSW is much more difficult than arc welding.

I'm not sure what kind of problem you are interested in, but from what you described, I think your work may be related to residual stress/strain after welding or joining process. I think it is very challenging problem because of the highly nonlinear material properties and coupled phenomena. Good luck.


Best regards.




Dear  Hi Mirko,


I`m alireza, iread your post, I am working on simulation of arc welding process and I use ABAQUS software. if it is possible for you, please send me two following paper that you mentioned to those in your post: 



Modeling of fundamental phenomena in
welds,T Zacharia / J M Vitek / J A Goldak / T A DebRoy / M Rappaz / H K
D H Bhadeshia,Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and
Engineering,3 (2), p.265-288, Mar 1995.

 my mail:

Thanks and Best Regards.

Hi MS. Lu,

I found this link very helpfull.


Can every body explain me about "eigenvalue , eigensolver , eigenfrequensy , eigenmode"?

Thanks  in Advanced


Teşekkür ederim Barış & thanks a lot Nanshu Lu.

Best Regards

Özkan Özcan

ChangyongCao's picture

 Hi, everyone! tanks for your attention! I am using ABAQUS for module FSI, during analysis, I get the error information:


The ratio of deformation speed to wave speed exceeds 1.0000 in at least one element. This usually indicates an error with the
 model definition. Additional diagnostic information may be found in
the message file.


Who knows the reason for that? and can be remedy? Thanks.


I m learning abaqus cn sumbody help me where to find tutorials to learn 

ftr_romeo's picture

 Please am a complete novice with abaqus.i've read a couple oftutorial about it and it's not really going through.i need the room to supply me with free version of the software and some biginners tutorial. Ineed abqus for my future research work on friction composites.


Fono Tamo Romeo,
Tel:+2348067367790,Dept of Mechanical Engineering,
Obafemi Awolowo University,
Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


I am sajib.donig my unedrgrad thesis "strenghtening beam in flexure in two point load" using ABAQUS 6.4.

I got results but the beam analysis shows more stiff behaviour...a lot more than exp results.

i used correct E value. for beam 200X300X3000mm i used mesh size 25X25X25 mm,used t3d2 as steel and shell elements as FRP layer.i modelled 1/4 th of the beam and took advantage of symmetry.i also used rigid element to to apply load in two rows.and supported the beam by restraing 3 line of nodes along width in DOF 2.

can any one suggest me where may be the problem? 


thanking every one




I am trying to make a shell model of a rectangular plate and need the part in the yz plane (I will eventually use the mesh coordinates, which need to be in the yz plane for another program). However I can't seem to draw in this plane, i can only do it in the xy plane which is the default? (The part has to be a 3D shell). Can anyone help? Thank you.

Please reply to:

neovatsan's picture

Thank you very much for such a valuable resource



M.E. Design Engineering 

BITS, Pilani

Hi All -

I am new to Abaqus. Can anybody help me how to run a model in Abaqus to find out how the thermal strains/stresses are developed in metals during heat transfer.


- Gopi

dear nanshu

i am a mechanical enginner and looking for someone who can teach me how i can model an explosive forming in abaqus.

it is very important for me.

so if u help me in this regard,i will help u in any regard that i could.


excuse,can you tell me how to handle the promble when i create an iteraction between two solid parts, and it cause the problem of hard to convergence.

the warning is:


 Hi Dear All,


Could you please provide me with any document that helps me to model Adhesive Force and Damage in Abaqus?

Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

The best


 Ahmad Khayer D.

miska's picture

Hi all,

how i can change system units to" SI mm", I need modeling a part with dimension about  0.01 milimeter.

Many thanks

Abaqus don't use any unit, there are global units, so if you use mm you should have consistents unit in every property that you input to the model..

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hello everybody

I want to know the different between Abqus and Ansynd witch one is good for simulate composite material

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I need a manual for abaqus/cae version 6.7 or 6.8.

thank you


I have prepared FE model for crack growth analysis in ABAQUS. I want to know that how can we get out put results? e.g. CTOD or J- intergral values. I am getting LLD. Plz help me


 Hi everyone

I need your help to make simulation fo cutting process using Abaqus. can anyone send me a inp or py file of any type of cutting operation including remeshing technique.


thanks in advance

Tahsin T. Opoz University of Huddersfield UK


Hello to everyoneI want to model a reinforced concrete cylindrical shell with abaqus using concrete damaged plasticity model. I want to model meridional and circumferential rebars in cylindrical shell in abaqus cae. I want to know which rebar geometry (angular or constant) I should use for modeling of both meridional and cirunferential rebars.Can I plot crack pattern for reinforced concrete shell in abaqus?please guide me


hii mam

            i m vikas ....i m doing M. TECH at IIT in  INDIA .  i m beginer with abaqus & recently working on drilling of polymer matrix composite..... i have problem in simulation & modelling of dill n composite plate . so plz solve my problem ...... ? . how to make better result with help of any language like C n FORTRAN..... how to solved this kind of problem? ..... plz send me any model or tutorial then  i started work....




hi every body

I am reza, student of civil engineering, marin structure in master's degree. nowdays I am invole in a simulation of  piles and soil surrounded.I work with abaqus 6.7, and I've use3D elements for piles. I want to obtain the bending moments of the piles, but I don't know how I can get it.It's my pleasure if anybody help me.

best regard

hi again

I'm so sorry but I'm really envolved in that problem, it's my thesis and there is not enough time 4 me.

anyone can help me in computation of bending moment in 3D solid elements.

tanx in advance


Here is a composite model tutorial For abaqus or Ansys. Requires software by


Helius:MCT but its helpful still.   for abaqus  for ansys


Dear  Nanshu Lu and All

I hope you are fine and am really impressed by the work you have done and are continue to do.  I am currently working on Abaqus 6.9 and trying to solve a contact problem. I have completed few applications in Abaqus very simple ones that include stress analysis of beams and relative simple structures. But now that i have move to contact analysis, I am struggling to make contact between two simple bodies like a 2D model. I use a plate and place a block on top of it and try to make ineteration between the two but no luck

I was hoping if you or any one can help me in this regard with a simple contact analysis tutorial or guide me where i am worng i will really be grateful.

Also my email is

Many thanks


Dear all,

Do you have any experience of using ALE mesh adaptivity in ABAQUS/Standard to prevent mesh distortion? Frankly, I doubt whether ALE mesh adaptivity is available in ABAQUS/Standard or not.

 Any help would be appreciated.



Yousef A

In Abaqus/Standard ALE approach is not there. U can conform this from abaqus CAE users mannual.

Dear all....

Iam modelling and analysing a simply supported RC slab with ABAQUS CAE through Concrete Damaged Plasticity. The results show poor curve beyond the elastic region. The load vs central deflection graph shows very low curve at plastic region, which is far away when compared to experimental test result. I have tried many options for tensile behavior but still give poor results. I have modeled concrete material using C3D8R elements and T3D2 Truss elements for steel reinforcement which are embedded into concrete.

Please let me know what is the ideal data or equations or expression to relate the tensile behavior of RC Slab.

Please email me at

Many thanks for your help.



Dear all

I am a masters student, doing my thesis work in Buckling of thin films bonded to compliant substrates. I want to model and simulate the buckling pattern of thin films on substrate structure using abaqus.I will appreciate if any one can help me in this regard.

Best regards


Dear all, 

I am a masters student, doing my thesis work in Mechanics of thin films on compliant substrates.I want to model and simulate the buckling pattern of this bi layer structure using Abaqus. I will appreciate if any one help me in this regard.

Best regards



Hi all,

 I am looking forward for some help from your side.

I am currently working on Tissue Cutting using Cohesive Zone Modelling. I want to run that simulation in Abaqus. So I need some material to start with.

Can you help me?

I am Graduate Student and looking for tutorial of ABAQUS based on aero-elasticity and aero structure.



Hi All

I am a beginner in using abaqus, I am trying to model buckling of a plate but I recieve an error "TOO MANY ITERATIONS NEEDED TO SOLVE THE EIGENVALUE PROBLEM" , does any one has any comments? I really need help?


I wonder whether there is any question left on ABAQUS!!!?!!!

Dear all,

i hope you are well,

I want to know that how i can analyze acoustic and noise problems with abaqus? can someone recommend me a tutorial or document to start? or do you have any suggestion to work on other softwares?


Dear all.

I hope you are well,

I want to know how i can analyze the acoustic and noise problems with
Abaqus? can anyone recommend me some valuable tutorials or documents to
start? or is there any superior software in order to work on these


Dear all.

I hope you are well,

I want to know how i can analyze the acoustic and noise problems with
Abaqus? can anyone recommend me some valuable tutorials or documents to
start? or is there any superior software in order to work on these


 can anyone recommend me some valuable tutorials or documents to
start? or is there any superior software in order to work on these


Jim - metland rumah idaman investasi masa depan


 Hallo everyone,


I am Hygreeva doing my PhD first year on the hydride carcking in Zirconium alloys. I have to work on modeling and analysis of crack propagation in Zirconium alloys using X-FEM in abaqu. I am very very new in using analysis software. In this regard, I would like I would like to learn the software and model crack propagation problem. 


Can some one please provide me the information on Tutorials,  or websites.


I wish you a nice day.







Hygreeva K Namburi

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thanks very much for your sharing. 


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hi this s arun from in IITMadras india,am doing shell modeling of
aluminium plates in abaqus 6.9,want to give the values of continum
shell section and attached  the pic for your refernce.please help me..

Hi dear prof.

i am postgraduate student in mechanic course. i
want research about interaction between tire and soil for my thesis. now
i need toturial of this part in abaqus software. kindy send me this
file if you could aim me.

best regards


Hi dear Prof. Teng Li.

I'm postgraduate student in mechanic corse. I am working on my thesis about interaction between soil and tire simulation with Abaqus. kindly give me ABAQUS Tutorial about this part if Could you.

best Regards



I want to model and stimulte a borehole heat exchanger using ABAQUS.

But I am more or less a beginner in ABAQUS,

It will be really helpful if someone could give me a tutorial regarding a similar topic (heat transfer analysis) or give an advice on how to start with it.

I would be deeply grateful for any help.

thanks a lot in advance


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Hello I am trying to model a composite material with different tension and
compression modulus (elastic analysis).  Does anyone know how to do it


Thanks for help.

I want to model a 3D composite layer under coupled tem-displace step analysis. My model is 3D, and I use solid element for the section but I can't assignment material properity to my model. I'm very glad if you could give me some advises.

 And does anybody have the document <<Analysis of composite materials with abaqus>>

best regards

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Thank you for your excellent work!

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Hi dear i know abaqus new and i like to know about power of flows abaqus thanks have a nice time

Hello.I want to put a cylinderical shell into another,but first cylinder's diameter is bigger.I dont know what type of contact must be selected,can you help me?

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ABAQUS defines the viscoelastic properties also using a Prony series for
the shear and the volumetric response. It should therefore be possible
to convert the ABAQUS parameters to ANSYS format.

I have confronted to errors that I dont know how can I resolve theme, as follows:

The rigid bodies with the reference nodes contained in node set ErrNodeRefNodeNoRotInert have no rotary inertia associated with them and the rotational degree of freedom of the reference nodes is not restrained. Either rotary inertia must be defined at the reference node or the rotational degree of freedom of the reference nodes must be constrained. See the status file for further details.


The rigid bodies with the reference nodes contained in node set ErrNodeRefNodeNoMass have no mass associated with them and some degrees of freedom of the reference node are not restrained. Either mass must be defined or all of the translational degrees of freedom must be constrained. See the status file for further details.


could you please help me?

Thank you,






/* Style Definitions */
{mso-style-name:"Table Normal";
mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;
mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";
mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";

I’m trying to model a reinforced concrete beam using concrete
damage plasticity. I have conducted an experiment for both uniaxial tensile and
uniaixle compressive test.  I have used
ABAQUS concrete damage plasticity. I have derived both Tension stiffening and Compression
hardening parameter but I have a problem with concrete compression damage and
concrete tension damage. I don’t know how and what equations I should use and
how to derive the data.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me.



Hi everyone,

i m working on 2D and 3D metal cutting simulations, i have run those simulations on LS-DYNA and AUTODYN ,can anydody please guide me to run these simulations in abaqus. i have been using abaqus for analysis. if anyone having tutorials or input file regarding simulations can send me at

i shall be very thankfull.  

Dear all,

Simulia is offering the Abaqus student version for free. All you need to do is to open this Simulia website

 and click  Sign up for your DS Passport and log in now! 

and provide the valid student id or proof and the software and complete the order. The succesful order will be available for download in 4 or 5 days. 


Best Regards,

Ramgopal Balijepalli


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Zhigang Suo is good!

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Dear Lu

I am trying to conduct cyclic simulation of steel material. When I chose combined hardening model 

with use parameter, I must input kinematic hardening parameter C1 and gamma1.

Could you explain how to get this parameter from uniaxial tensile test? Besise that at the subroutine cyclic loading

we must input the eqivalent stress and equivalent plastic strain.   What are these parameter? If I am not wrong thsese parameters identic with 

stress and stress from uniaxial test.?

thank you for your help


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Hi every body;

I look forword help, how about e_learning for Abaqus ?

is there anywhere webinars and online interactive course of Abaqus

and thx for all





ZAOUI Noureddine
Electromechnical Engineer

can anyone help me in using abaqous in crack propagation?


Could you please send me the installer of Abaqus software? Thanks so much for kidney stones

Hello everyone,

When you create the plate in abaqus, I don't understand how you apply a crack and how you have a stress distribution in all the sample. Also how to calculate K and J integral. Can somebody advise me ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am a studen in civil engineering. I am trying to modelling some earth dams with abaqus, but I have a problem..I need to use subroutines for both materials clay and sand at the same time..How can I do this?..when I work only with one Umat, i don't have problem but when I use two umats the problems appears..anybody can help me?..


I check the manual, tutorials..etc but i can find anything of this..I hope your help

My mail is, if someone want sent me information directly.. 




hi to all

how i can apply concentrated load normal to shell element (4sR) without partitioned it?

Define a reference point at the desired location.

Make a set of the reference point.

Apply the load to this set.

do any one know "Copper" fracture toughness?pure copper.please help me,Thanks 

do any one know "Copper" fracture toughness?pure copper.please help me,Thanks . 

Dear Nanshu Lu and all of abaqus user here,

 hi everyone, Im new user here, after review the notes of nanshu Lu, i try assginment of stressing a plate with a circular or ellliptical hole and i had success to run the input file. but for question 2, the question is about modifying of the input file with using the *DLOAD comand, IST THE THE *DLOAD IS WRITE IN THE FORTRAN FILE AND RUN IN THE ABAQUS ANALYSIS? CAN I GET THE RESULT OF THIS QUESTION OR THE EXAMPLE OF INPUT FILE AND FILE SUBROUTINE THAT I REFER FOR BEGINNER.

Besides, my research is on the bone remodeling and i need to put the complex equation to analysis using the abaqus. so may i have the example such assignment of that with analysis one of the model with modfying the input with the some equation file subroutine..

 Thank you very much...   

I'm a student in the States and I am needing an update tutorial site for abaqus.  I've read throught this site, but a few of the sites I've looked at are 3 and 4 year old tutorials.  I'm looking for help with engineering solids, for car and motorcycle parts .  Any suggestions for a good tutorial would be helpful. colon cleanse Thanks

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You are so nice, thank you!


I want to know:
the problems of cracks, and their choice of propagation direction!
1) is there a method by XFM can calculate the integral J (KI and FIC ...)?
2) what are the procedure?
and thank you, my dear scholars?

i am running a dynamic/explicit anlaysis with an
allocated memory of 8GB in 20 GB ram. after some time the
analysis got an error saying that
 "Abaqus/Explicit was unable to allocate sufficient memory during the analysis. Please check the memory setting in the .env file or the memory usage in the .use file if files were available.You can use command "limit" or contact your system manager to increase the datasize for the analysis. If the problem could not be resolved, please report the issue to local office."

i am using 64 bit windows xp system. how can i get rid of this problem. which .env file has to find to make over this problem?

eng.femiran's picture

Dear Sriramk

It is not your computer problem.

it depends on your model that i guess it has compilicated mesh or geometry or bad surface interaction and etc.

check your model parameters specially your mesh type.

good luck


for any question visit our site

Dear all

I am interested in using beam element in abaqus and define the stress
resultant- displacement nonlinear curve ( Axial-displacement,
Moment-curvature, torque-twist angle), could you please guid me , how i
can define these curves for beam behaviour?

It's my e-mail adress:

Your reply would appreciated in advance.


How to i use fesafe  thorough abaqus for fatigue life assessment.plz guide me.

Thank you.


I have to use .fil fileas for fe safe?But i don know how to generate .fil files ?

Plase help me if some one have ideas.

 thank you.

Hello ma'am, 

I am Swapnil student of VJTI India, doing project in "Measuring stress relief in concrete due to Incremental core drilling". For this I have too model a column in which a core will be drilled in a structural element. I wanted to know how I can analyse a model which is continuously remain loaded during the coring process and will give results in terms of stress/strain at specific increment of coring procedure. 

For. e.g column is loaded for a certain load and is having certain stress level, i'll remove a increment of 75 mm diameter of 5 mm thickness and see the effect on stress in column, i'll repeat this procedure for more number of increments successively in co relation with previously obtained results.

What type of procedure i need to employ for modelling ??? 

Thanks in advance.


hi... every body

i ve modeled crack problem with ansys but i dont get good i want to model fracture problem of a multilayer bellows analysis that has crack with abaqus.

can any one help me how to start learing abaqus and model crack in it?

thanks alot.

Hi Hodaj

 Use can use XFEM. There is a tutorial that you can follow. Google "Matthew Pais XFEM"

I have modelled using XFEM but does anybody know how to model a crack using conventional FEM. I tried using contour integral but it does not work. When I try to create a crack using contour integral I have to select a crack front and tip, but cannot. 


thanks for your good help

I modeled 2d crack and get answer but for 3d crack it gives error and no result.

i repeat it several times but i dont found the mistake.

can u help me?

iMechanica Group.

I trust all is well with all of us. I need the following help.

I am modelling viscoelatic-viscoplatic behaviour of a (natural) short-fiber composite, the materials being chemically modified sisal fiber within a polypropylene (thermoplastic) matrix. I have done creep experiments and have lots of data (e.g fiber tensile strength, modulus, interfacial shear strength values, polymer tensile strength, poissons ratio etc, etc)   to serve s input to the model. 

Can anybody please help with specific tutorials which would be an effective, easy example to follow, and exact to the nature of my research work.

I would greatly appreciate the help. You may use teh following two email addresses (1), or

Cheers to all

Kind regards//



I installed v6.12-3 on some 64bit Xp PCs for users, some PC it can start but some PC can not start.

I install again but it was not worked.


Any one same me, please show how to fix it.






i performing an analysis for fatigue life prediction in ABAQUS 6.10. But i m having some difficulties understanding the working of direct cyclic step. i dont understand that what are we supposed to write of increament size(initial?,minimum?,maximum?) do i need to know fouirier transformation? what is damage extrapolation constant? 
can anybody help me out on these things?

any suggestion is appreciated.


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I want to model underwater explosion in Abaqus. there is an example in abaqus help by the name of "9.1.3 Response of a submerged cylinder to an underwater explosion shock wave" which is very similar to what I'm trying to model. the problem is that i apply incident wave(planer/spherical/Undex) on the both structure and acoustic medium but i couldn't submit the model and it says " the model attributes wave formulation type must be set when using an incident wave interaction (Int-1 for example)" 

I wolld appreciate it if anyone could help me with this. thanks. 

This is in response to your e-mail.

I have never used Abaqus to run this sort of simulation. 

Also, I don't understand what you mean by "i apply incident wave(planer/spherical/Undex) on the both structure and acoustic medium".

I suggest you take your problem to your Abaqus customer support person.  If you don't have customer support, you will have to be more detailed and explicit if you expect free help from people who are not working on exactly the same problem as you.  


-- Biswajit



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Dear everybody,

                      I am looking for jobs or projects on ABAQUS AND Hypermesh to workon and explore my talent to excel in my career ahead. If anybody has any project kindly contact me at


Thanks and Regards



everyone. My name is Alex, I'm a doctoral student at the University of
Salamanca. I am working with an axisymmetric model, steel material. I intend to
obtain the residual stresses 
when hits on a major load model (Tera Pascals) for a very short time
(picoseconds). The constitutive model is working: Elastic isotropic, platic
johnson-cook, eos us-up. First work 
Abaqus Explicit Abaqus and then Standart (I import tensions), but Abaqus CAE /
Standart (version 6.13.2) does not allow plastic or Johnson-cook or EOS. To get
"the spring back and therefore residual stress.

could someone help?.



Dear Colleagues 
I want to start some research on the Carbon nano - tubes.
In the begining I need to model a CNT in the ABAQUS.
I wrote a code for generating the xyz Coordinates of the atoms in a CNT.
The problem is that I can not import them in abaqus.
Does anyone has an Idea ?

This Tutorial is about student assignment help and it is
really best help for all academic levels. However students also take help from
online experts and other seniors.

Is Abaqus satisfied to be used for Soild-fluid interaction analysis?



Dear all

I am Ali from iraq, I MSc student , I want learn instructions to simulate impact velocity,high strain rate impact (Hopkinson appearus) by abaqus prgram,Please can someone help me? thanks and regards





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a few selected publications on SHPB modeling, available freely:

1) in the ABAQUS manual:

Getting Started with Abaqus: Keywords Edition    
9.1 Types of problems suited for Abaqus/Explicit

Getting Started with Abaqus: Keywords Edition    
9.4 Example: stress wave propagation in a bar

by Richard J. Deigan
Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the
University of Maryland, College Park, in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Doctorate of Philosophy

3) 2D Hopkinson bar simulation analysis
Al 6061-T6 specimens
A. Bouamoul
DRDC Valcartier
Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier
Technical Memorandum
DRDC Valcartier TM 2004-363
March 2006

4) Anthony D. Puckett:
Fidelity of a Finite Element Model
for Longitudinal Wave Propagation
in Thick Cylindrical Wave Guides
Los Alamos National Laboratory

5) Army Research Laboratory:
Numerical Hopkinson Bar Analysis: Uni-Axial Stress and
Planar Bar-Specimen Interface Conditions by Design
by Bazle A. Gama and John W. Gillespie, Jr.
ARL-CR-553 September 2004
prepared by
University of Delaware
Center for Composite Materials
Newark, DE 19716
under contract

6) BAM-Dissertationsreihe, Band 116
Dipl.-Phys. Hauke Gravenkamp
Numerical methods for the simulation of ultrasonic guided waves
2014, ISBN 978-3-9816380-4-2

7) find more on the Internet

Good luck


Thank you for sharing this tutorials!!!

Hi everybody!

Does anyone know how can I reread the input file during the analysis and/or how can I apply boundary conditions to a new set of nodes during the analysis but I dont know this nodes before the analysis starts. I will give the new set of nodes during the analysis.




Patrick Vieira




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I research on buckling and postbuckling of a composite cylindrical shell with a cutout,but i do not know how define imperfection in abaqus.Can someone help me???

I research on buckling and postbuckling of a composite cylindrical shell with a cutout,but i do not know how define imperfection in abaqus.Can someone help me???

Hi all,

I have some problems in verification of my model. Can anybody help me?


Could you please help me to define maximum and minimum horizontal stress in ABAQUS??? As in situ stresses??



Hello dears

I need your help

How can i model the beam for torsion in Abaqus software?and also how can i design and model a beam by GFRP shell whit the Abaqus software

dear all
-Can Abaqus model the cement integrity during the curing (I need to understand how the stresses are changing and what type of forces are excreting on the casing during the curing)
-What properties should be assigned to the interface (between casing and cement/ and between the formation and cementing)

Dear all
I have a question regarding the mesh geometry in ABAQUS.
Can Abaqus open a prepared mesh geometry (if so which formats? e.g. STL) or this should be defined inside Abaqus itself?

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