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Blog entry2020 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award - Shengqiang Cai Executive Commi...14 hours 35 min ago
Blog entrySize effect in molecular dynamics simulation of nucleation process during solidification of pure metals: investigating modified embedded atom method interatomic potentials mohsenzaeem010 hours 34 min ago
Blog entryThree-year Postdoc position to study the biophysics of aerial electroreception in arthropods Isaac.Chenchiah011 hours 3 min ago
Blog entryCISM course on Electro- and Magneto-Mechanics of Soft Solids (June 8-12, 2020) Oscar Lopez-Pamies011 hours 54 min ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral position in the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute on the Biomechanics of Traumatic Brain Injury in Humans ktramesh01 day 3 hours ago
Blog entryVisualizing deformation gradient via SDV in Abaqus VUMAT abhime0711 day 6 hours ago
Blog entrySpeakers announced for the 5th International Conference on BioTribology (ICoBT 2020) MMcA201 day 7 hours ago
Blog entryA postdoc position is immediately available in the Mechanics of Complex Systems Lab at UIUC ahmedettaf01 day 7 hours ago
Blog entryYoung Poet Wins Old Prize nolan101 day 9 hours ago
Blog entry2020 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award - Professor Xuanhe Zhao Executive Commi...31 day 10 hours ago
Blog entryJournal Club: Magnetic Soft Materials and Robots: Design (Code), Applications and Future Directions Xuanhe Zhao52 days 3 hours ago
Blog entryA quasi-continuum approach for multi-resolution modeling of fracture in soft materials ahmedettaf02 days 4 hours ago
Blog entryDislocation density informed eigenstrain based reduced order homogenization modeling: verification and application on a titaniumalloy structure subjected to cyclic loading xiangzhang02 days 4 hours ago
Blog entry31th  Edition of the Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition at Duke University Guglielmo_Scovazzi02 days 4 hours ago
Blog entryFaculty position openings at Stony Brook University Lifeng Wang02 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryPhD Positions in Mechanical Engineering at Temple University for 2020 Ling Liu02 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryXFEM miad23 days 7 hours ago
Blog entryMicroscopic definition of internal force, moment and associated stiffnesses in one-dimensional nanostructures at finite temperature Ajeet Kumar03 days 8 hours ago
Blog entryModeling crack propagation with ABAQUS X-FEM mmalekan23 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryCall for Abstract: WCCM 2020 Mini-symposium on "Advances of Machine Learning in Material Design, Modeling and Processing" Zeliang Liu03 days 12 hours ago
Blog entryPhD positions in meta-materials and computational mechanics at Kansas State University palrk03 days 12 hours ago
Blog entryStructures loaded with a force acting along a fixed straight line, or the “Reut’s column problem” Davide Bigoni03 days 12 hours ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral position in computational mechanics at Duke University John E. Dolbow14 days 13 hours ago
Blog entryA hydrodynamic analogy to the crack driving force David J Unger06 days 2 hours ago
Blog entryPost-Doctoral Position in Modeling of Thermal Transport in Crystalline Solids AnterEl-Azab06 days 2 hours ago


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