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Timoshenko Lectures

Listed in this post are the speeches given upon receiving the Timoshenko Medal.  Every November, at the Annual Applied Mechanics Dinner, the medalist of the year delivers a speech. Taken together, these speeches provide a long perspective of our field, as well as capsules of the lives of extraordinary individuals.

iMechanica is attempting to post the speeches of all medalists. If you have the text of a speech that is missing from the list, please send an email to Zhigang Suo (






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Anindya Bhar's picture

 My hearty thanks to iMechanica for providing these great speeches of these great scientists and engineers in the fields of mechanics. These are inspiring a lot for young people like me.

Anindya Bhar Ph.D Student IIT-Kharagpur INDIA-721302

muhammad asif rajput's picture

thanks a lot for this great work, keep it up

Thanks for the great  speeches but  I cannot download the timoshenko lectures.

zhan-sheng guo's picture

that is great especially for young researchers or teachers.
looking for someone upload the unavailable

Thank you so much for this good job........

Thank you, great work for me very interest  Howard W. Emmons.


thanks a lot

they great persons inspire me a lot

Jayadeep U. B.'s picture

Thanks a lot for iploading these inspiring lectures...

I may be asking for too much... Is it possible to get & upload the audio files of atleast some of these lectuers (which are available)?  It would be really great to hear these people... I don't think I will ever have a chance for that otherwise!

Thanks again...


Teng Li's picture

Dear Jayadeep,

Technically, audios or even videos of Timoshenko Lectures can be provided in iMechanica, if these files are available.  This can be done using web services such as YouTube or SlideShare, as alluded in an earlier comment.  I'm not sure if any of previous Timoshenko Lectures has been videotaped. If not, maybe it will be a good idea to start from this year.

Zhigang Suo's picture

Ericksen's Autobiography is available in

Mechanics and Mathematics of Crystals:  Selected Papers of J.L. Ericksen, editted by M.F. Beatty, J.L. Ericksen, M.A. Hayes. 

Your may also read the Autobiography online at Google Books.

aken's picture

thanks,, those people are good examples for us in science and engineering.

Zhifeng Yao's picture

Mechanics, forever topic. Thanks for the information about this excellent mechanicians, it's the forunate for me.

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