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Journal Club for June 2022: Computational mechanics for local-scale modelling of coastal hazards

In 2016, our colleague (Prof. Ahmad Elbanna) addressed one such extreme event (namely, earthquakes and the associate rupture physics). In this journal article, I will be focusing on two other extreme events, namely tsunamis and storm surges and some of the modelling efforts to address these coastal hazards.

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Journal Club for June 2020: Mechanically instructive biomaterials: a synergy of mechanics, materials and biology


Mechanically instructive biomaterials: a synergy of mechanics, materials and biology

Zhenwei Ma, Jianyu Li

Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada


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Funded PhD positions in experimental mechanics at UT-Austin

Position Description

The Yang Research Group (PI: Dr. Jin Yang) in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (ASE/EM) at the University of Texas at Austin has two funded Ph.D. positions in experimental solid mechanics starting in Spring 2023 (apply before Oct/01/22) or Fall 2023 (apply before Dec/01/22).



I) A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, engineering mechanics, materials science, bioengineering, or related fields is preferred.

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PhD position at the City College of New York (CCNY) -- Computational Fluid Dynamics



A Ph.D. student position is solicited in computational fluid dynamics / computational engineering, preferably starting in Sept., 2022 at the City College of New York (CCNY) of the City University of New York (CUNY).  The successful candidate will develop new and enhance existing models for problems of coastal ocean flows and flow-structure interaction, for a project jointly with Columbia U. and Stony Brook U. It is expected that the candidates are highly motivated and goal-oriented, and have 


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1 Postdoctoral Position on Theoretical/Computational Mechanics @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

1 Postdoctoral Position on Theoretical/Computational Biomechanics of Soft Tissue Cutting, Deformation, Damage, and Fracture @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


PhD & Postdoc openings // Daedalus Group @ Georgia Tech

We are hiring ! 

Daedalus, our new research group at Georgia Institute of Technology, has openings for PhD students and postdocs to work towards developing materials & manufacturing methods for blue skies & beyond. Starting date for PhD students is Spring 2023, while the postdoc position is available as of Fall 2022. Applications of both experimental and computational backgrounds are very welcome! 

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PhD and Post-doc positions at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Spring/Fall 2023

The Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials Lab in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology is recruiting PhD students and Postdoctoral Research Associates starting in Spring/Fall 2023 to work in biosensing and nanomechanics.

More information can be found:, contact Dr. Chenglin Wu at with CV. 

Full Professor in Industrial/Production Engineering with a focus on Smart Factories

The Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University is developing a new strategic initiative within digital production and smart factories. In line with this initiative, a Full Professorship is available within the area of Industrial/Production Engineering at the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering (MPE) from 1/1 2023 or soon hereafter. This position lies within the Design & Manufacturing Section in the MPE Department. The position is intended to strengthen the department’s research profile in smart factories, including  

Postdoctoral position in computational cardiovascular modeling

The Computational Biomechanics Lab at Michigan State University is looking to fill fixed-term research associate positions.


The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in either mechanical, biomedical, aeronautical, civil engineering or equivalent field with a strong foundation in

programming (C++ and python), computational mechanics and the finite element method. Special consideration will be given to candidates who are familiar with the

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Post-Doc in Medical Robotics at AMMI Lab - available immediately

The Advanced Materials and Medical Instruments (AMMI) Lab at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Scholar in the area of medical robotics, control, treatment planning, operation, image processing, and clinical assessment.  The project is funded by agencies such as NSF and NIH.

PhD and Postdoc Positions in Biomechanics and Computation Modelling

The Biomechanics Lab in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin is recruiting PhD students and Postdoctoral Research Associates starting in Spring 2023 to work in biomechanics and biomedical engineering research.


PhD position on modeling deformation in nanocrystalline metals

1 PhD Research Assistant position in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno starting Spring 2023.  The research is on computational modeling of deformation in nanocrystalline metals.  Applicants with a background or interest in this research field are preferred. 

Interested applicants please send an email to

Postdoc Position in Biomechanics & Mechanobiology at UT Austin

Description: We are looking for a motivated, kind, and supportive/supporting postdoc for our lab of ~12 PhD students, postdocs, and undergraduate students.

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Multiple Postdoctoral Positions in 3D Printing of Soft Materials, Computational Design, and Mechanics of Metamaterials at Johns Hopkins University

The Guest (, Mueller (, and Nguyen ( research groups invite applications for multiple Postdoctoral Fellow positions in Digital Fabrication, Mechanical Metamaterials, and Topology Optimization. The Fellows will be based in one group and have the opportunity to collaborate within an interdisciplinary and highly visible project spanning Johns Hopkins University, a National Lab, and an industry partner.

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Discussion of fracture paper #34 - The Physics of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement causes problems that probably will become apparent to an increasing extent as hydrogen is taken into general use for energy storage and as a fuel for heating and electricity production. According to Wikipedia, the phenomenon has been known since at least 1875. The subject of this blog 

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A consistent finite-strain plate model for wrinkling of stretched anisotropic hyperelastic films

Stretch-induced wrinkles usually occur in a thin, clamped-clamped, hyperelastic film and eventually disappear upon excess stretching, with wrinkling direction being perpendicular to the stretching direction within isotropic elasticity framework. Here, we consider in-plane anisotropy induced by infilling fibers in thin films, which significantly affects the orientation and amplitude of wrinkles.

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Dear Colleagues,

The Programme of the Euromech Colloquium “MULTISCALE MECHANICS, MULTIPHYSICS MODELING AND SIMULATIONS FOR ENERGY STORAGE” to be held in Sirmione, Italy, 29-31 August, 2022 ( ) has been finalized and is attached. 

Plenary lectures will be offered by, in alphabetical order :

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2 PhD Positions in Mechanical Engineering at Temple University for Spring/Fall 2023

2 funded PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering are available at Temple University.  One research focus is on the design of architected composite structures for 3D printing.  More broadly, the student will be exposed to computational materials and mechanics of energy, nano/bio, and engineering materials.  The student will have opportunities to work with experimentalists and data scientists to generate high-impact research works.  Temple University is located in Philadelphia, the sixth-most populous U.S.

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Improved formulas of extensional and bending stiffnesses of rectangular nanorods

Improved formulas of extensional and bending stiffnesses of isotropic rectangular nanorods are derived. These formulas reduce to the existing widely used formulas for a special choice of material parameters, i.e., when the surface Poisson's ratio and the bulk Poisson's ratio match thus highlighting the limitation of the existing formulas.

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Post-Touchdown Dynamics of an Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Device

Dear Colleague

Our (open access) paper on the post-touchdown dynamics of an electrostatically actuated MEMS device has just appeared in IJSS:

Nate N. Goldberg and Oliver M. O'Reilly, Electrostatically actuated MEMS in the post-touchdown regime: The thin-dielectric limit and a novel reduced-order model for release dynamics"

Graphical Abstract can be found here

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Multiband homogenization of metamaterials in real-space: Higher-order nonlocal models and scattering at external surfaces

Dear colleagues, 

We invite you to read our recent article, which proposes a multiband homogenization scheme and has been accepted to appear in JMPS (

Multiband homogenization of metamaterials in real-space: Higher-order nonlocal models and scattering at external surfaces

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Postdoc openings in mechanics of advanced lightweight functional materials and structures

Postdoctoral positions are immediately available in the Department of School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (First Class Academic Discipline) at Central South University in Dr. Li research group. Dr. Li’s research focuses on the theoretical, experimental, and computational studies on the mechanics of advanced lightweight functional materials and structures. The candidates are required to have expertise in one of the following areas:


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