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Fretting fatigue --- is there really an important effect of friction coefficient??

dear Colleagues

In writing a review of models on fretting fatigue, I am looking at the effect of friction coefficient.   Obviously, if friction is zero there is no fretting fatigue!   This goes without saying.

Help Ukraine 2

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

 (This is my private letter, I am not speaking on behalf of Iowa State University)

At the beginning of putin’s invasion of Ukraine, I wrote a letter

Help Ukraine 2

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

 (This is my private letter, I am not speaking on behalf of Iowa State University)

At the beginning of putin’s invasion of Ukraine, I wrote a letter

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Thank You Reviewers

I have noticed several online postings criticizing reviewers but haven’t seen a post appreciating them. Talking more about bad reviewers can give a wrong impression to the young researchers that the majority of the reviewers are bad. Therefore, I thought of sharing my experience.

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Scholarship in mechanics

A few days ago I had a good discussion with a dear colleague on the topic of the current state of scholarship in mechanics and the education of the new generation of mechanicians. During the past few decades most mechanics researchers have limited their activities to the writing of papers and research proposals. This because the “reward system” places little value to the authoring of monographs and textbooks.

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Modeling, simulation and data analysis for Covid-19 epidemic

Online symposium organized by the Young Academy of Europe on models and simulation for Covid-19 epidemic, including data analysis, on April 22 from 4 to 6 pm (CEST).

Free attendance upon registration. 

See the link below for more info about speakers, abstracts, timetable and registration:

150 people have already made the registration 

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Is there any optimal way for a membrane conformal with a given surface

Good day, all!

Currently, I'm interested in the conformability of a membrane with a given surface.

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Is Tribology Approaching Its Golden Age? Grand Challenges in Engineering Education and Tribological Research

An interesting paper by VL Popov which suggests many problems of tribology are still very far from being remotely solved.  Despite the very detailed theories for example on rough contact using fractal surfaces on which we have debated mainly academically , there is not a single theory for any quantitative prediction of friction coefficient which can vary by 1 order of magnitude and its dependence on many variables, let alone wear coefficient which can vary up to 7 orders of magnitude.  What is left to do, other than measure?   Is tribology bound to be in practice just an experimental area? 

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The Relation Between Mindlin's Strain Gradient and Eringen's Nonlocal Linear Elasticity Theories

Here are some definitions which I have in my mind about the hierarchy of field theories of any kind. Please read them and correct me if there is any misunderstanding. Then I shall raise two questions based on this model of thought about the Mindlin's strain gradient and Eringen's nonlocal linear elasticity theories.

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Fracture mechanism in notched metal

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

G'day all

Having a metal element with a notch like crack (assume sharp one, exhibits plasticity),  what are the actual fracture mechanism (the phases the crack goes through) in the total fatigue-life. 

please comment on these scenarios:

1- crack initiation life calculated from the (S-N, e-N), then using LEFM/EPFM to determine the cycles for the crack propagation to failure...

Q/ how to find the crack length between the two phases, I mean from which stresses and at which crack length we start the crack propagation life estimation.

Can we predict when the Larsen-C ice shelf will fail?

My opinion is "Not yet".

What stops us from predicting the date on which the Larsen-C ice shelf will fail?

-- Biswajit

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Book Review On: Extending the Theory of Composites to Other Areas of Science; Author: Graeme Walter Milton

We would be hard-pressed to find an area of research that permeates so deeply in nearly all branches of physical sciences and mathematics as does the topic of homogenization [1].

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Deterioration of the quality of the Elsevier journal printing

Many Mechanics journals are printed by Elsevier. Unfortunately, I observe huge deterioration of the quality of the printing. 

Is machine learning a research priority now in mechanics?

Hi all,

I  know that the study and application of machine learning/artificial intelligence are somehow popular nowadays, in a general academia. I happen to be interested in that. I found people use this tool to predict crystal structure in material science, to characterize molecule structure in chemistry. The first impression is that the machanince learning helps to deal with the raw data, to constitute empirical models etc. However, there are not as many published works as I imagine, on the application of machine learning in mechanics.

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Essay Zone - storehouse of articles

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Writing of a student business plan is a important case. It is indispensable to use all proverbial information and scientific researches of the topic, the ability to analyze the data, competently build your findings, as well as to show your literary craftsmanship. If you do not have time for it; there is no opportunity to focus because of cares of a small child, or you just can't do it yourself - we will help you! Our company is glad to propose a huge choice of works, and our data bank is permanently updated with actual additions. Essay Zone is a receptacle of information available to anyone. Here you can easily find the necessary composition of the offered subject list.
Additionally, we offer such a service as a publication of your own articles. You can share your experience as an author and place your work in the data base for free. We approve the authors of any directivity.
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Thermal Analysis of a Coated Component

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Could anyone share some idea on how to model a Surface Coating. I am using Abaqus Standard for the thermal analysis. For the coating, i tried to create a 'Skin' on the surface and assigned a Homogenous Shell section for the Skin. Is this correct? I couldn't see much difference in the results. Or is there any better way to model a surface coating?


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Why Abaqus give incorrect result in plane strain plasticity?!!

There is an incorrect result from Abaqus in plane strain plasticity simulation. In this short video, this  result is shown.

It would be pleased if anybody have any idea about why this happen ?!!


YouTube link:

Suggestion on writing a paper

I am planning to write a paper for ANSYS conference in India.I was working on Static Structural Analysis for the past 1 year.I have experienced various glitches while solving the problem according to the terms and conditions provided, typical convergence behaviour and played with both linear and non linear contacts.

Suggestions for minor project

I have been thinking of doing a college minor project. but because of limited resources of materials and equipments I can take any project so please suggest me some work. The softwares I know are ABAQUS, SOLIDWORKS, MATLAB. plz suggest 

'Influence of factors unrelated to environmental quality on occupant satisfaction in LEED and non-LEED certified buildings'

The article from Building and Environment featured in this piece 'Influence of factors unrelated to environmental quality on occupant satisfaction in LEED and non-LEED certified buildings' by Stefano Schiavon and Sergio Altomonte, can be viewed freely until 31 August 2014


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