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Fretting Fatigue

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Fretting fatigue --- is there really an important effect of friction coefficient??

dear Colleagues

In writing a review of models on fretting fatigue, I am looking at the effect of friction coefficient.   Obviously, if friction is zero there is no fretting fatigue!   This goes without saying.

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moving singularities (crack analogues) in fretting fatigue

    The stress concentration induced by fretting fatigue was studied with a simple "Crack Analogue" model (CA) by the MIT group of Suresh in the late 1990's, which was then "improved" by the present author to take into account simply both contact loads and bulk stresses loads, and even the case of finite stress concentration in the so-called "Crack Like Notch Analogue" (CLNA) model.

Preprocessing files for ABAQUS XFEM implementation

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This is my first post in imechanica and i hope you can help me, im working in my finall project to obtain my MsC, im working in the simulation of crack growth in freeting fatigue, i found usefull the article post in imechanica by Eugenio Giner node/4338. Im having problems with the preprocessin files, Can you help me with some information about how to create the input files? (i have some basics using ABAQUS CAE, but i dont know how to create the input files like mOXY.prn, TopNox see article)


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