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Postdoc vacancy (2.5 years) on multi-scale modelling of fatigue in 3D printed metals

The use of 3D printed metal structures is taking a very fast ramp-up in industry. General Electric has demonstrated the possibility of printing titanium fuel injectors for their LEAP engine, EADS has printed a nacelle hinge bracket for the Airbus A320, Boeing is printing plastic inlet ducts for high-altitude aircrafts, hip implants and other prosthetics are exploiting the design freedom of additive manufacturing (AM),...

Sheet Metal Tension Testing

Sheet metal forming operations consist of simple bending, to stretching to deep drawing of complex parts. The mechanical properties of the sheet material greatly influence its formability, which is a measure of the amount of deformation the material can withstand prior to fracture. This blog post covers important definitions determining sheet metal characteristics, the test methods, and the equipment used to quantify them.

Lüders Bands Phenomenon in ASTM E8 Tensile Testing

Some metals, particularly annealed low-carbon steel, or mild steel, show a discontinuity when transitioning from elastic to plastic deformation that produces the yield point phenomenon in the stress strain curve.

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Doctoral Studentship in high strain rate properties of Nickel Alloys

The Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University has recently obtained an iCASE studentship funded by EPSRC and Rolls-Royce plc to perform research into the mechanical behaviour of metals at high temperatures and high strain rates. The studentship provides full funding (fees and stipend) at the home / EU level for 3.5 years.

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PhD opportunity at ONERA Lille, France

Virtual Fields Method for the dynamic behaviour
characterisation of metallic materials under purely inertial loads

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PhD positions available at Polytechnique Montréal and McGill universities on shot peening with 5 aerospace companies

Ecole Polytechnique and McGill are seeking two PhD candidates for a large project aiming at understanding the effects of shot peening on the fatigue lives of aerospace components. The project involves 8 PhD students that will be working in close collaboration. The project is co-funded by the Canadian goverment and 5 leading aerospace companies located in Montréal. Some projects involve internships at these companies.

We are seeking two students for the following projects:


Grants for Workshop on "Physics-based fracture and damage mechanics" in Antalya/Turkey, May 15-17, 2013

We would like to inform you about a Workshop on "Physics-based fracture and damage mechanics" in Antalya/Turkey, May 15-17, 2013.

The workshop is co-organized by the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) and TOBB University of Economics and Technology. The Workshop is funded by the European Commission’s Integration and Enlargement Action. The participants from target countries* (citizen of or working in a target country) can be fully financially supported by the European Commission.

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Stress Relaxation


I would like to seek comments on : Room temperature stress relaxation and governing mechanisms that contribute to the plasticity that occurs during this process. As, most of the available work on relaxation is done at elevated temperatures.

Please check more on this thread by hari@


 I have also attach papers by Prof Hart and Prof Krempl that did throw some light on this particular subject.

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Metals and Alloys Webinar on Modelling: State of the Art in Casting and Forging Simulation

Thursday 14th June - 12:30pm (BST)

Register now

Once only accessible at the high-end of manufacturing, modelling and simulation is now widely embraced by the industry as a result of increased processor speeds, the accessibility and usability of software and the reliability and robustness of the models and codes which underpin it.

New International Master Program in Computational Materials Science


I am writing to inform you about a new master in Computational Materials Science offered at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. It is an international master program, and all the lectures will be given in English.

To enhance multidisciplinary research, the program is open to students from different background, mechanical engineering, solid state physics and materials science.


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Fatigue crack growth FEA Internship

Title: Structural FEA Intern 

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA

Starting Date: Available immediately 

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Internship available in FEA of crack growth

Title: Structural FEA Intern 

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA

Starting Date: 01/01/2011 

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