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Thank You Reviewers

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I have noticed several online postings criticizing reviewers but haven’t seen a post appreciating them. Talking more about bad reviewers can give a wrong impression to the young researchers that the majority of the reviewers are bad. Therefore, I thought of sharing my experience.

We have published over 20 papers, and of course, got several rejections. However, I haven’t encountered an unreasonable reviewer yet. A reviewer can occasionally miss a point in a manuscript, but the reviewers repeatedly asked us fair questions and provided meaningful comments.

For example, I have attached one of our recent responses to a reviewer. It can be clearly seen that the reviewer’s comments helped us to significantly improve the quality of the manuscript. That was not an isolated incident. In 3 out of our 5 latest publications, we included a statement like “The insightful comments of the reviewer are gratefully acknowledged” because we believe that the reviewers helped us to improve our manuscripts significantly.

Thank you, reviewers.

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