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Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface to surface contact

Hi, I tried a Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface-to-surface contact. The parts that are defined as contacting surfaces are 0.2mm apart. They are also given a normal behavior with a pressure overclosure option using "hard" contact. However, in some modes where it is expected to be in contact, there is interpenetration. The problem is that it depends on the scale of deformation too. So my question is how to make this generalised, i.e., include no contact in case of tensile mode behaviour and include high stiffness in case of mode involving compressive type behaviour?

I found in a few articles that the contact condition in the base state cannot change which is, if two nodes are in contact they will continue to be in contact and if two nodes are separated, they will remain separated. This separation induces interpenetration. So in general terms, how to include contact non-linearity in a linear perturbation step in ABAQUS which includes different modes of vibration involving changing contact conditions from the base state?

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