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Executing Abaqus from Scilab

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I have managed to adjust a material property to get the best fit to the experimental response using fminsearch in MATLAB, but I lost access to free MATLAB so I have to use something else. I like Scilab, it works for everything I did with MATLAB except this. 


Scilab throughs and 'invalid handle' error when executing:

  dos('abaqus cae -nogui','-echo');

at the line inside



It seems that Scilab opens a dos shell to execute abaqus but '' has this line inside it:



and the echo option returns this:

  Abaqus Error: cae exited with an error. 


I look inside abaqus.rpy, where I found that the error is 'invalid handle' while executing line 361 in, and line 361 is 'Job.submit(consistencyChecking=OFF)' 


Needless to say, I verified that I can run:

  abaqus cae -nogui

at a black dos shell (dos prompt), no problem, and using MATLAB that used to work, and did not change anything in, I just translated the minimizaion code in Scilab. I checked the new code line by line, all works except:

    dos('abaqus cae -nogui','-echo');

which I can write like this, but then I get no error message: 

  dos('abaqus cae -nogui');


Does anyone know how to solve this? maybe another MATLAB-alike to use? 


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