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uniaxial compression of metals: data compilation


Dear Group,

I am looking for a compilation of data of the uniaxial compression test of metals at high temperature.

This type of test is commonly used to extract parameters for the equation
strain rate = function of stress (peak stress or steady state flow stress) and temperature
among them the activation energy for flow

I'd need, independently:

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Engineering and Computational Mechanics papers free online until 5 Dec 2011

The following four papers have been selected by the Editorial Panel of
Engineering and Computational Mechanics
to be distributed free (until 5 December 2011):

Designing Safer Vehicles with Realistic Simulation of Airbag Deployment

Airbags are one of the major protection systems used in a car crash. They play one of the most important roles in preventing severe injuries and fatalities during vehicle crashes. The advancement of new technology and airbag regulations necessitates that airbags be tested for safety in all kinds of scenarios, including situations where the occupant interacts with the airbag before it is fully deployed.

Calculate the individual flow rate - based on the pressure drop?


I have to calculate the flow rate inside two systems, which got water from the same “source”.

It is for a project with a pressure vessel with heat transfer arrangements, cooling coils inside the pressure vessel, and “jacket” system outside the pressure vessel.

Using Fluid Mechanics for Geologic Salt Domes?

I was recently presented with a problem concerning the migration of a salt formation in an area of Utah. After spending a little time looking at the given data, I decided it might be a problem that could be approached using fluid mechanics. The idea being that the salt formation, relatively speaking, is highly viscous and is free to respond to acting forces and deform appropriately. Essentially, I was hoping to treat the salt formation almost like the bladder of a water bed reacting to differential loading. 

How to Simulate Bingham FLuid by CFD

How to simulate BINGHAM fluid flow through porous media by the ANSYS CFD?

If you have some suggestion or you engage in the same problem,please communicate with me by MSN.

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