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Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators

Choon Chiang Foo, Soo Jin Adrian Koh, Christoph Keplinger, Rainer Kaltseis, Siegfried Bauer, Zhigang Suo.

Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 094107 (2012)


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Maximal energy that can be converted by a Dielectric Elastomer Generator

Mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy by using a dielectric elastomer generator.  The elastomer is susceptible to various modes of failure, including electrical breakdown, electromechanical instability, loss of tension, and rupture by stretch.  The modes of failure define a cycle of maximal energy that can be converted.  This cycle is represented on planes of work-conjugate coordinates, and may be used to guide the design of practical cycles.

Can a maruti 800 engine be used to construct a 10KVA petrol generator?

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Dear All,

I am a mechanical engineer by education. This is just a research question. I was seeing a diesel generator employing an old mahindra tractor engine the other day and started wondering if a Maruti 800 engine would be able to work a 10 KVA generator, and wouldnt it be more fuel effecient (and cheaper to make) then one of the generators using an old diesel engine. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.


Gagandeep Sethi


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