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My Scientific New Paper

Hi All,

My New Scientific Paper is :

Structural Probabilistic Health Monitoring of a Potentially Damaged Bridge

Mohammed Lamine MOUSSAOUI , Mohamed CHABAAT , Abderrahmane KIBBOUA

International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research

Volume 10, No. 3, pp. 119-122, 2021


Electric Potential B.C. in the Dynamic/Explicit Step

Hey all,

I am trying to apply an Electric Potential B.C. to a surface. I want to use the dynamic/explicit analysis type, however, when I select that as my step type, the Electric Potential B.C. option disappears from the edit B.C. window! Is that due to a license limitation or an error I might have made in one of the definitions?

Thank you!

Wave propagation simulation in elastic bar

Hi ,

 I'm working on simulation of wave propagation in a bar. I'm using
newmark time integration scheme to solve my problem. I have a bae
clamped at one end and under tensile at the other end. when I decrease
my time step ,at the beginning of the loading I see tiny negative
strains which is so weird. I used some numerical damping with the scheme
and I could reduce the time step but still I have this problem in
smaller time steps. Can anyone help me with this?

  Thank you very much!!!

Dynamic simulations with nonlinear material into Explicit

Hi all,

 I am new in the Forum, and I am looking for some informations regarding how to simulate nonlinear material in explicit.

I am tryng to analyse the behaviour of a roller rolling on the sand (or mud), but the results I get with a basic elasto-plastic material are not very accurate, expecially because I cannot set the tension allowed in the sand to be zero.

Other ways to input nonlinearity in Explicit are always refused by ABAQUS. Is there any way to get something more accurate?

Dynamic failure analysis with ansys

I would like to perform a dynamic structural analysis with ansys. How can I include in the analysis a check after each time step about the status of some elements ( check whether they are broken)  "kill" them if need to and continue the analysis. Thanks, Ran 

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