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Newmark scheme beta and gamma parameters

Concerning the Newmark method with central difference for an explicit resolution I want to know where the parameters beta and gamma come from ?

I have found this :
but how do these parameters appear ?

Using RADIOSS, the theory manual says the remainder of the taylor's series is computed using numerical integration but I don't know which rule is used.

Wave propagation simulation in elastic bar

Hi ,

 I'm working on simulation of wave propagation in a bar. I'm using
newmark time integration scheme to solve my problem. I have a bae
clamped at one end and under tensile at the other end. when I decrease
my time step ,at the beginning of the loading I see tiny negative
strains which is so weird. I used some numerical damping with the scheme
and I could reduce the time step but still I have this problem in
smaller time steps. Can anyone help me with this?

  Thank you very much!!!

When Newmark Misses!

                         Accurate Implicit Time Integration in Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Using an effective time marching procedure is an important aspect in the implicit finite element analysis

of nonlinear dynamic problems. Here, we demonstrate some of the difficulties that can arise through an

example involving contact chatter and fluid structure interaction:

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