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Smart Headphone


I am thinking of a SMART HEADPHONE for people who are listenning to the music all the time for their saftey an their convenience and the people who tries to communicate with them. How SMART? The danger for such people is that they can not hear the alarm of the danger, like the horn of a vehicle. And also, sometimes they are called but they do not hear and consequently they do not show any reaction. This is so bothering for other people.

The tech: 

Stress/strain of a body performing a translation

Hello all,

I am having task to determine the strength analysis (stress/strain) of a translating machine part (body). The part is driven by a set of gears, placed on the top of the body. The input is a constant acceleration value to the propultion engine. Firstly I should do a 2D analysis with a retangle representing the machine part. 

I am new to this subject, so any idea, approach,  advice or helping material is welcomed. 

Thank you in advance! 

Ljupco Poposki 

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