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LS-DYNA: How to output only specific time interval of D3PLOT in explicit analysis (crash)

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I am using LS-DYNA for automotive crash simulation.

I have a need to look into great detail at a specific time interval of a simulation animation. 

I need to output the D3PLOT at 0.1 milisecond per plot from certain time intervial, example termination time of simulation 100 milisecond, now for some reason I want to output D3PLOT with DT=0.1milisecond during time 70 milisecond to 75milisecond only (just an arbitrarily example) and still be able to view it by directly opening the main d3plot file in post-processing software like Animator.

Tissue strain-rate independence

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I have two basic questions for the experts in the soft tissue biomechanics community. 

a) I am interested in the biomechanics of a specific tendon in a specific high-speed deformation. How plausible is it for me to assume strain-rate independence, and therefore, the existence of a strain energy function? In other words, how accurate is the assumption of pseudoelasticity for tendons under high strain-rate? I feel comfortable with the assumption (evidence would help a lot, however) for tissues such as mesentery, skin and, I guess, even muscle. 

Designing Safer Vehicles with Realistic Simulation of Airbag Deployment

Airbags are one of the major protection systems used in a car crash. They play one of the most important roles in preventing severe injuries and fatalities during vehicle crashes. The advancement of new technology and airbag regulations necessitates that airbags be tested for safety in all kinds of scenarios, including situations where the occupant interacts with the airbag before it is fully deployed.

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