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All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Institution: University of Windsor, Canada ( )


Salary: will be commensurate with the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience, and will be determined at the time of hiring.

Start date: immediately

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NURBS patches (IGA) in LS-Dyna


I am trying to use iso-geometric elements in LS-Dyna with the keyword *ELEMENT_NURBS_SHELL_PATCH. The job manager terminates without mentioning where the errors are.

Can someone help me with this? A sample .k file using the above keyword will be helpful.

Thank you!


Harsha Reddy



Can anyone help me with some examples of XFEM implementation in LS-DYNA? Also, is XFEM in LS-DYNA currently applicable with shell elements only?

Thank you,


LS-DYNA: How to output only specific time interval of D3PLOT in explicit analysis (crash)

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I am using LS-DYNA for automotive crash simulation.

I have a need to look into great detail at a specific time interval of a simulation animation. 

I need to output the D3PLOT at 0.1 milisecond per plot from certain time intervial, example termination time of simulation 100 milisecond, now for some reason I want to output D3PLOT with DT=0.1milisecond during time 70 milisecond to 75milisecond only (just an arbitrarily example) and still be able to view it by directly opening the main d3plot file in post-processing software like Animator.

Explicit Dynamics with ANSYS LS-DYNA training course

This training course covers the ANSYS LS-DYNA Interface, which seamlessly links the ANSYTS traditional environment pre- and post-processing software with the LS-DYNA explicit solver to conduct highly nonlinear, transient dynamic analyses. Sequential solutions are also discussed, in which the ANSYS implicit solver is used in conjunction with the LS-DYNA explicit solver to extend the range of applications.

Sr. Staff Mechanical Engineer

September 2013


Position Description: 
     Sr. Staff Mechanical Engineer

Targeted Salary Range:   BSME $62k to $78k | MSME or Ph.D. $72k to


We are looking for a talented mechanical engineer with exceptional
communication skills with a background in FEA.

Rayleigh damping and numerical damping. (Ls-Dyna vs Msc.MARC)

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Hi to all of you!

I have problems about dampings.

error in lsprepost file

Hi there,


I'm using LS-DYNA as a tool in my study. Currently, i'm facing this problem:


Run-time check failure#3 - the variable 'count_ntime' is being used without being initialized me...I've done so many new models, yet the same error keep occurring...




p/s: i can be reached by this e-mail: 

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EFG in LS-DYNA for crack simulation

Hello, everyone!

I am a graduate student in Hunan Univ, my research field is meshless method. Instead of using codes to calculate, I find EFG has been well developed in ls-dyna, and using software may be more convienient for me.  

But I can only find some introductional information, so I want to find some useful material in!


FE modeling of dispersion in cylinders

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As you may know wave propagation in circular cylinders is dispersive. As shown by Pochhammer, there
could be several different modes propagating in an infinite cylinder with
different wave speeds. I'm modeling wave propagation in a finite 3D circular cylinder in

LS-DYNA with solid elements and I'm applying a sinusoidal pressure along

Fatigue crack growth

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Hi all,


I wanted to simulate fatigue crack growth in ls-dyna, obtain dK, crack tip stress fields. But I wanted to start from a simple model. I can't find any examples online, tutorial...

Post-Processing Software for LSTC LS-DYNA

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Dear friends,


I am using LS-Dyna for my master's thesis. I am now using 'LS-Prepost 3.1' for my post processing. I am doing explicit time integration based contact modelling. Is Prepost is the best post processing tool for such modelling or is there any other better software. Of course Prepost is free, but i wanna know if there is any other free and more powerful post processor.



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Prediction of failure in loaded thin steel plates


Hello everyone,


I am curretly working on predicting the failure in thin loaded plates. The plates are impacted by a hemispherical rigid cylinders at a low speed (4.53 m/s <--> Free fall from 1.05 meter) and are perforated experimentally at their center.

I tried to simulate failure with ls-dyna on a shell based model ( the sheet is very thin : 1 mm thickness Vs  130 x 130 mm ), but it seems that the failure strain measured on the tensile tests is underestimated ( the curves after the begining if necking are false).

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Tensile test under LS-DYNA

Dear all,

I would like to run a tensile test under ls-dyna of a mild steel  and
apply a 7000 N load to the dog bone specimen on a explicite scheme.

Unfortunately, I
have wild deformations ( and an error) on the nodes on edges where the
load is applied, so can you please tell me what are the importants
constants (like time termination, mass scale,...) and how to perform a
perfect run?


Have a good day,


Thank you


oscillations in LS-Dyna acceleration-time output

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I hope this is the correct forum to post this in ... 

Displacement and energy norm LS DYNA


I am solving an implicit non-linear problem in LS-DYNA. I was not able to achieve convergence. I changed the default displacement andenergy norm (which are 0.001 and 0.01 respectively) to 0.009 and 0.05respectively, the solution converged. My question is, is it advisable to changethe default norms to achieve convergence?

[LS-DYNA] Attenuating vibrations of shell element after an explosion

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The model I'm working on in LS-DYNA is a simple pyramid-shaped shell constrained along the bottom edges with all DOF taken. The material used is MAT_PIECEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY. Above the model there's a LOAD_BLAST (Air burst) placed, which deforms the model after the explosion.
The issue is that the model seems to vibrate ininitely after the explosion, what can be seen on the attached images (first one shows the graph of "Rigid Body Displacement", second one shows close-up of the line within the yellow rectangle).

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