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1 PhD Position on Computational Mechanics of Bioinspired Cutting and Piercing of Soft Materials @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

1 Ph.D. position is open for a research project related to bioinspired mechanics of cutting and piercing of soft homogeneous and heterogeneous (composite) materials. The position is under the supervision of Prof. Mattia Bacca in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC, Vancouver – Canada. It is funded by the Human Frontiers in Science Program, in collaboration with the Bioengineering Department at Imperial College London and the Department of Ecology at the University of California.

Cutting iron foam samples

Hi, I have a sheet of open cell pure iron foam (porosity> 90% , thickness around 2.5 mm), and I would like to prepare 1 cm x 1 cm samples for subsequent compression tests. My foam is ductile and also it can be easily squeezed or bended with hand. I was wondering if I use a big rotatory saw (Bosch 4310, picture attached) to cut long rectangular strips (cuboids) of the foam (20 cm x 1 cm), could it significantly change the mechanical properties of the whole foam sheet, or it would change the mechanical properties of the cutting surface only.

cutting for an aeronautic aluminium alloy(A2024-T351)

Hello every body,

I am working on the simulation of cutting for aluminium alloy (A2024-T351) in abaqus, i use Johnson cook model

I want to introduce several critical values ​​of damage (D1=0.1and D2=0.1,0.5,0.7), how can i do that in abaqus CAE

IF anyone would please help me  

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