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4-year PDRA position at University of Glasgow

New 4-year PDRA position at University of Glasgow, deadline 11th July 2024

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Journal Club for January 2024: Machine Learning in Experimental Solid Mechanics: Recent Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities

Hanxun Jin (a,b), Horacio D. Espinosa (b)
a Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology
b Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

In recent years, Machine Learning (ML) has become increasingly prominent in Solid Mechanics. Its diverse applications include extracting unknown material parameters, developing surrogate models for constitutive modeling, advancing multiscale modeling, and designing architected materials. In this Journal Club, we will focus our discussion on the recent advances and challenges of ML when experimental data is involved. With broad community interest, as reflected by the increasing number of publications in this field, we have recently published a review article in Applied Mechanics Reviews titled “Recent Advances and Applications of Machine Learning in Experimental Solid Mechanics: A Review”. Moreover, a recent insightful paper from Prof. Sam Daly’s group also discussed some perspectives in this field. In this Journal Club, we would like to introduce and share insights into this exciting field.

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PhD positions in cancer biomechanics at the University of Galway, Ireland

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for full-time, fully-funded PhD positions at the University of Galway, Ireland. Researchers will investigate the mechanics and mechanobiology of tumour growth and therapy resistance. These positions are funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant and will be under the supervision of Dr Eoin McEvoy, Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering. For more information, please see the attached advert.

Fully funded PhD positions in Cardiovascular Engineering (start Jan. 2024 or later)

Description: The Cardiovascular Engineering Lab (CEL) is actively recruiting multiple graduate students interested in pursuing a PhD in Biological Engineering or Engineering Science at Louisiana State University (LSU). Research focus is flexible, depending on the strengths and interests of the applicant. Projects at CEL encompass both experimental studies of cardiovascular biology and mechanics as well as computational modeling and simulation of cardiovascular function.

PhD position in Biomechanics

Open PhD position in the field of Biomechanics at Graz University of Technology, Austria.

More details and application form:


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PhD and Master’s Positions in Soft Tissue Mechanics

The LESION (CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM BIOMECHANICS) Laboratory at the University of Mississippi's Department of Biomedical Engineering is seeking graduate students (PhD, MSc).

The LESION Lab aims to develop imaging and modeling tools for the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of central nervous system disorders, with a particular focus on diseases related to the eye and brain, such as glaucoma and traumatic brain injury.

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Postdoc in mechanics of woven and fiber-based materials at the University of Pittsburgh

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc to join our team to study the mechanics of woven or fiber-based materials. Applicants should have expertise in mechanics of materials with long fibers. These can be artificial, like textiles and fabrics, or natural, like soft tissues including tendon or heat valves.  Experience in multi-scale methods is advantageous.  Experimental or computational are both welcome.

PostDoc position in Biomechanics at Graz University of Technology

A postdoc position as a University Assistant for 6 years, fully employed (40 hours/week), expected commencement of employment: February 1, 2023, at the Institute of Biomechanics, Graz University of Technology, Austria

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Tenure Track Faculty Openings in Cornell Mechanical Engineering - focus in Bioengineering, Fluids, and Energy Sciences


The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Cornell University has multiple tenure and tenure track faculty openings. We seek outstanding individuals engaged in all aspects of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with a particular interest in Bioengineering and Fluid and Energy Sciences.

Applicants must apply by December 1, 2022 for full consideration. For more information, please see the link on our department website:

Tenure Track Faculty Position - Biomechanics

The School of Mechanical Engineering is seeking applications for a tenure track faculty position in the area of biomechanics.

The position description is available at:

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Postdoc Position in Computational Biomechanics

We currently have one postdoctoral research position available in the Injury Biomechanics Laboratory at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA starting Fall 2022.  This position involves the development of high-fidelity finite element head models and the design of computational studies to advance our understanding of both blunt and blast-induced traumatic brain injury (TBI).  This research is part of a large interdisciplinary research collaboration involving multiple universities, industrial partners, and national labs.  

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NIH-funded Postdoc on Imaging-Informed Computational Modeling of the Eye

The Grytz Lab seeks a Post-doctoral fellow for imaging-informed computational modeling of the eye. This position is funded from a recently awarded NIH/NEI R01 grant. The candidate will participate in developing personalized finite element models that combine patient-specific morphology and biomechanical property inputs from in vivo imaging using optical coherence tomography to advance personalized medicine in the eye

Postdoc Position in Biomechanics & Mechanobiology at UT Austin

Description: We are looking for a motivated, kind, and supportive/supporting postdoc for our lab of ~12 PhD students, postdocs, and undergraduate students.

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Postdoc Fellowship in Engineered Living Materials at Cornell University

The Cornell Engineered Living Materials Institute (ELMI) is seeking applicants for postdoctoral fellowships. Fellows will work with faculty affiliates to pursue their own original proposed research that aligns with ELMI objectives. 


Webinar: Simpleware T-2022.03 Release: Highlights of New and Improved Features

Synopsys are running a webinar this month on highlights of the Simpleware T-2022.03 release, including new anatomies for its AI segmentation tools, 2D contour measurements, and improved 3D printing workflows. Learn more and register at:

PhD Scholarship at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia - Mechanical/Biomechanical Engineering

A PhD student position in the field of mechanics is available in the Department of Mechanical and Product Design Engineering at the Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia). The project will focus on developing a new energy-absorbing metamaterial, incorporating the synergistic effect of shear-thickening fluid (STF) and cellular structures, for improved mechanical performance under different loading conditions.

Prior experience with finite element methods and impact testings is highly preferred.

Biomechanics: Challenges of the Next Decade

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the international symposium on "Biomechanics: Challenges of the Next Decade" in honor of Gerhard Holzapfel’s 60th birthday. With over 35 invited keynote lectures, the symposium will be held as a two-day in-person event from June 30th to July 1st, 2022 in Graz, Austria.

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Research Fellow position in Computational Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Southampton, UK.

Job Purpose: To make a leading research contribution to an industry-sponsored project on state-of-the-art finite element techniques to simulate needle penetration into skin working with the PI, A/Prof. Georges Limbert. You will join the national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS). In addition, you will work closely with the sponsor and contribute to the planning, writing and submission of reports and research publications.


Full Time Fixed Term for 18 months

Salary:   £31,406 to £38,587 per annum

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Research intern/postdoc positions at Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Research intern and postdoctoral positions on biomechanics, bioinspired robotics, mechanical metamaterials, and/or PPE innovation are available at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Candidates with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Physics, Biomedical Engineering (or any related field) with strong publication records (for those with PhD) are encouraged to submit a full CV, a cover letter stating research experience and interests, and the contact information of three references to Dr. Zi Chen at zchen33(at)

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Graduate Student Openings in Mechanobiology and Biomechanics at UPenn

Several postdoctoral and graduate student openings with primary focus on biomechanics is available immediately in the Shenoy Research Group at the University of Pennsylvania. We are looking for strongly motivated candidates to work on NIH supported projects on 1) cell-matrix interactions in fibrosis and cancer, 2) nuclear mechano-transduction and 3) mechanical mechanisms of traumatic brain injury.   

ESB Webinar: How Simpleware processes patient-specific anatomies in orthopedics

Anyone looking for a quick introduction to patient-specific modelling for orthopedics should take a look at this new webinar coming out next Wednesday, December 1st, from the European Society of Biomechanics and Synopsys - details below:


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