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Cutting iron foam samples

Hi, I have a sheet of open cell pure iron foam (porosity> 90% , thickness around 2.5 mm), and I would like to prepare 1 cm x 1 cm samples for subsequent compression tests. My foam is ductile and also it can be easily squeezed or bended with hand. I was wondering if I use a big rotatory saw (Bosch 4310, picture attached) to cut long rectangular strips (cuboids) of the foam (20 cm x 1 cm), could it significantly change the mechanical properties of the whole foam sheet, or it would change the mechanical properties of the cutting surface only. I would use the saw only to prepare the cuboids as the first step of the sample preparation. As the second step, I would cut the rectangular strips into 1 cm x 1 cm cubes using a small rotatory tool (Dremel) and a holding gadget. It is important for me to keep the consisteny between the properties of my samples. I would appreciate your input.






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