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heat transfer

Funded PhD position in Mechanical and Aerospace Eng. Dept. at NC State University

EnergyX Lab (Energy Exploration Laboratory) at North Carolina State University is seeking a highly qualified Ph.D. candidate. The group has extensive collaboration and active research projects in different energy-related areas with several leading US national laboratories as well as US companies.

Looking for an open PhD position

Hello and good day, 

I have completed my Master in Mechanical Eng. (GPA 3.58) from the University of Malay (QS Ranking 114), Malaysia. I have published over 18 ISI articles about convective heat transfer, Turbulent flow and Eco-friendly synthesis of nanofluids in high impact factor journals. I aim to focus on any of the following areas:   

Learn fluid mechanics or thermodynamics ?

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Experimental characterization of the heat transfer coefficient for hot stamping/ press hardening applications

Dear all, 




University of California, Santa Barbara - Two Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites applications for two tenure-track faculty positions at the level of Assistant Professor.  

The Department is looking for exceptional individuals in all areas of mechanical engineering, with particular emphasis on i) soft robotics, including soft body design and mechanics, sensing and actuation, and ii) micro/nano science and technology, including micro/nano additive manufacturing, micro/nano robotics, and micro/nano energy sensing and heat transfer. 

ASME 2015 IMECE Abstract Deadline 11:59pm March 9

As the largest interdisciplinary collaboration for mechanical engineering, you need to present your research at IMECE.Submit an abstract to present your paper to more than 4,000 attendees from 75+ countries representing more than 20 mechanical engineering disciplines. Include your research in this cross-disciplinary mix to help shape the technical content of the meeting and actively participate in the dialogue.

How to find the average temperature a surface? ABAQUS -Heat transfer -user subroutine

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I want to model a concrete slab with a void inside the concrete. It is a thermal analyse where I apply a heat flux to the bottom surface. Within the void heat is transferred by radiation and convection. For simulating heat convection within the void, I use the surface film condition function in interaction module. I have to define the film coefficient and sink temperature. I decided to use the average temperature of the void surface for sink temperature. I don’t know how to define the average surface temperature. I think I have to use Abaqus Subroutine.

ABAQUS: Thermal Analysis of Composite Columns


I'm working on thermal analysis of concrete filled steel tube columns.

I used all the guidance I could get  from the research papers, but I still didn't get the results I want.

In fact, all the job analysis I run ended up abrupted. 

I attached my abaqus work for your kind attention and perusal. 

Any suggestions and tips that might help me overcome my problem is more than welcome. Perhaps I could get some pointers whict part in my analysis is missing.

Thank you.

My work links:

Job Opening for CFD/Heat Transfer Engineer at Schlumberger

Schlumberger, a Fortune 500 Company, is a world-wide leading supplier of premium products and services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, the petrochemical industry and other industrial markets.  We are seeking to hire a qualified candidate to fill the position of Engineer III in our Houston, TX location.   

Applying heat flux for a specific amount of time using ANSYS

Hi everyone,

how can I apply a 'X' amount of heat flus for a specific amount of time? It'll be helpful to include the steps especially for the part on specifying the amount of injection time (say 3 micro seconds)



Modeling heat transfer involving a phase change (ice to water) using Abaqus

I'm modeling the transient heat transfer of a cooler with an ice pack in it. How does one accurately model the phase change of the water? Here's what I've tried so far:

 1. Added latent heat property to material card. Used Latent heat = 334 kJ/kg, Solidus Temp = 0, Liquidus Temp = 0

   Result: Error, Solidus and Liquidus temps cannot be equal

 2. Solidus temp = -0.01, Liquidus temp = 0.01

   Result: Analysis ran, but diverged very early in the analysis.

material deposition to substrate simulation at ABAQUS


I am trying to simulate material deposition to substrate. In our case material is added to substrate  and there is a distributed heat flux with constant velocity acting by node by node. I want to simulate showing the added material in the simulation and its effects. There is a command for that called Model Change in the ABAQUS. So is someone familiar to that kind of problem. And also I need to account mass diffusivity while the material is melting.

I will be gratefull for any advice you can spare

Best Thanks

Emrecan Soylemez

Thermal resistance

How can i prove that the thermal resistance in a sphere ( Biot number >> 1 ) mainly determans the speed of the heat transfer. Hope somebody can help me with this problem

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Postdoc position available at MIT / bioinspired thermal management

A postdoctoral associate position at MIT is available immediately, focused on the analysis and development of bioinspired, adaptive thermal management structures, by using theoretical and atomistic multi-scale modeling and simulation.

Seeking candidates for positions in Houston, also positions in Germany

Our agency, Reliability Analysis Associates, Inc., specializes in recruiting Reliability Engineers and related skills.   For a client in the oil business in Houston, TX we are seeking candidates for two positions that require knowlege of finite element analysis, crack growth, reliability, and low cycle fatigue.   The two job descriptions are attached.


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