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Looking for an open PhD position

Hello and good day, 

I have completed my Master in Mechanical Eng. (GPA 3.58) from the University of Malay (QS Ranking 114), Malaysia. I have published over 18 ISI articles about convective heat transfer, Turbulent flow and Eco-friendly synthesis of nanofluids in high impact factor journals. I aim to focus on any of the following areas:   


Greetings my dear friends!

I'm Amin and its my first post!I'm studying mechanical Engineering in Semnan University in Iran and by the time  I'm workin' on entropy generation calculation for laminar and terbulent
fully developed forced flow and heat transfer of nanofluids inside
annul.I'd be really glad if anyone could give me hand with it .

Analysis of grinding using nano cutting fluids with ANSYS.


      Im doing my M.Tech project on 'Analysis of grinding using nano cutting fluids with ANSYS" .  But ANSYS has to work at nano level.. So how to make programming to make ANSYS to use to solve nano level problems.

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