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finite strain

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Curvature tunes wrinkling in shells

Transverse wrinkles usually emerge in a uniaxially stretched elastic film and can be suppressed upon further tension, which is an instability-restabilization behavior due to the nonlinear competition between stretching energy and bending energy. Here, we show that curvature can effectively and precisely tune the wrinkling localization and amplitude.

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On fracture in finite strain gradient plasticity

I hope some of you - particularly those working on strain gradient plasticity or damage and fracture modeling - find this work interesting. 

On fracture in finite strain gradient plasticity

(A pre-print version is available at

Abaqus UMAT implementation

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I have a thermo-mechanical constitutive model for polymer and want to implement it in ABAQUS through two user subroutines namely UMAT and UEXPAN but I dont know how to use them together. Also, in UEXPAN, I need to pass in the strain tensor as information but I dont see 'STRAN' variable in the list of variables passed in to UEXPAN in Abaqus documentation. Does anyone know answer to this?



Large Epsilon 3D


CAE system for strength analysis at large strains redistribution.

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my recent publications in curing modeling


I am working on the modeling of curing process of polymer

we may like to take a look on my recent publications:

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