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Mechanics of tension-induced film wrinkling and restabilization: a review

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Wrinkling of thin films under tension is omnipresent in nature and modern industry, a phenomenon which has aroused considerable attention during the past two decades because of its intricate nonlinear behaviors and intriguing morphology changes. Here, we review recent advancements in the mechanics of tension-induced film wrinkling and restabilization, by identifying three major stages of its progress: small-strain (<5%) wrinkling of stiff sheets, finite-strain (up to 30%) wrinkling and restabilization (isola-center bifurcation) of soft films, and the effects of curved configurations and material properties on pattern formation. Growing demand for fundamental understanding, quantitative prediction, and precise tracking of secondary bifurcation transitions in morphology evolution of thin films helps to advance finite-strain plate/shell theories and sophisticated modeling methods. This progress not only promotes our insightful understanding of complex instability behavior, but also reveals novel phenomena and sheds light on developing wrinkle-tunable membrane structures and functional surfaces.

Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 478, 20220149, 2022. (Cover paper)

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