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UMAT and UEXPAN subroutines

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I am having problems in writing the umat and uexpan subroutines applicable to the creep model defined in


Has anybody written the algorithm?'s picture

User subroutine UEXPAN

Hi all,


I recently study on a materials's expansion behavior. I am wondering if anyone have used the subroutine UEXPAN. It will much appreicated if you could provide me a sample.


Hope to see some response.


Best Regards


Abaqus UMAT implementation

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I have a thermo-mechanical constitutive model for polymer and want to implement it in ABAQUS through two user subroutines namely UMAT and UEXPAN but I dont know how to use them together. Also, in UEXPAN, I need to pass in the strain tensor as information but I dont see 'STRAN' variable in the list of variables passed in to UEXPAN in Abaqus documentation. Does anyone know answer to this?



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