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Transfer a Model in ABAQUS Explicit to Standard

Dear all,

Currently, I have got a model in ABAQUS explicit in which a periodic boundary condition has been set, while I am trying to run this model in ABAQUS standard. I am wondering if anyone knows what should I do regarding the transfer.

I have already tried to edit the step module but I cannot find the 'static' option.

Thanks for all your help.

Best regards,


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Impact Force plotting using Abaqus/Explicit

Hello Everyone

I am trying to simulate material dumping process from shovel onto mining dump truck. And for that i am using Abaqus/Explicit.  When i plot the contact force of material falling onto truck body under gravity, it gives me the maximum value of 0.12e+11, where as a simple theoretical analysis shows that the resulting impact force for 100 tons of material falling under gravity should be 9e5 N. I am not been able to understand the reason that why Abaqus /Explicit is exaggerating the impact/contact force so much. And i dont know how to correct this thing.

ABAQUS/Explicit - define the number of calculation frames (default is 20?)

Dear fellows,


I am performing quasi-static analysis on ABAQUS/Explicit and I would like to know how one can change the number of time frames used in calculation. It is my understanding that the default value is 20 frames, but I would like to increase this number, if possible.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for any input in advance.


ABAQUS/ Explicit help


I'm trying to simulate wave propagation in composite materials using ABAQUS/Explicit but can't run the simulation (when creating and using a isotropic material it works), would be realy grateful for som tips how to solve it.

Testing VUMAT With Uniaxial Compression Simulation

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Setting Simple Compression Test In VUMAT

Hi, i am trying to test a bulk metallc glass VUMAT with a simple compression test simulation. But since VUMAT is a Abaqus Explicit subroutine, that means I must set my compression simulation with setting of Abaqus Explicit right? So far I only have the experience in conducting compression test simualtion using ABAQUS Standard setting like static general step and surface-to-surface contact (standard). I don't know how to set up a simple compression test simulation with Abaqus Explicit settings, can anyone help me please?

Thanks and regards.

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Release DOF of beam in Abaqus/Explicit

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to model a plate (shell elements) supported on rubber bearings and columns (beam elements) and I would like to know how to release rotational degrees of freedom at one or both ends of a beam element in Abaqus/Explicit.
Unfortunately, the keyword *RELEASE only works in Abaqus/Standard.
Thanks in advance for your kind help. Regards,


Hi everybody,

 have you ever tried to model the damage behaviour of a material using the theory of progressive damage and failure

for ductile metals implemeted in Abaqus for continuum elements?

If so, do you think it is possible to use the same theory to model the damage behaviour of an epoxy resin?

Are there any articles in which this has been done? Could you please suggest me some articles to read?

 Thank you very much.



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Cohesive behaviour for Interaction in Abaqus Explicit at the interface of materials

I am working on effects of Blast Loading in sandwich composites using Abaqus. I want to incorporate Cohesive behaviour at the interface of the two materials in the sandwich composite structure i am analysing.

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