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abacus modelling

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Impact Force plotting using Abaqus/Explicit

Hello Everyone

I am trying to simulate material dumping process from shovel onto mining dump truck. And for that i am using Abaqus/Explicit.  When i plot the contact force of material falling onto truck body under gravity, it gives me the maximum value of 0.12e+11, where as a simple theoretical analysis shows that the resulting impact force for 100 tons of material falling under gravity should be 9e5 N. I am not been able to understand the reason that why Abaqus /Explicit is exaggerating the impact/contact force so much. And i dont know how to correct this thing.

How to model the Torsion of a bar in abaqus with displacement control?


I have a bar with an analytical rigid surface attached at the free end with a RP at the centre of it. I am applying a rotational BC of UR3 = 0.017 (1 deg) with respect to the Z axis, but the resulting rotation at the end of the bar is more than 1 degree. Any idea why? Or how to have a full control of the twist of the bar? Also the bar deforms in shape where the end at which the twist is applied expands, making this cross-section bigger (clearly no the deformation expect for torsion). Input file attached in a word doc. 

I need help with ABACUS MODELLING

Hello there, I need your help if you can please email me as i can not log into imechanica all the time to check my blogs because the website jams most of the time ,i will appreciate your help.

I need to draw a normal rectangle using abacus and then mesh it and apply force on it and to be as beam???

i tried to do it but i keep getting an error message saying 4 elements have missing property definitions???

If any one can help this is My email is

Thank you so much.

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