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Abaqus contact problem

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Impact Force plotting using Abaqus/Explicit

Hello Everyone

I am trying to simulate material dumping process from shovel onto mining dump truck. And for that i am using Abaqus/Explicit.  When i plot the contact force of material falling onto truck body under gravity, it gives me the maximum value of 0.12e+11, where as a simple theoretical analysis shows that the resulting impact force for 100 tons of material falling under gravity should be 9e5 N. I am not been able to understand the reason that why Abaqus /Explicit is exaggerating the impact/contact force so much. And i dont know how to correct this thing.

Contact between two surfaces in Abaqus

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Abaqus contact problem

Hello all...,

                 I want to know the method of getting convergence when a Soft body and a Stiff body is in contact and a large force is acting normal to the contact interface. I am actually facing this problem often.

Anybody pls help...




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