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abaqus 6.10

TUNNEL lining,

Hello guys,


I need to model  tunnel lining in abaqus 6.10. i'm guessing that its required to ;

1.reduce the modulus E of soil (relaxation) up to 40%- 50% (how can i do that in abaqus????)

2. active the lining (beam element+ assembled, am i right on assembly ?)

3. remove the soil using *MODEL CHANGE, REMOVE

i was wondering how can i model that ?

any help or suggestion greatly appreciated,


Running a job in abaqus using multiple user-defined subroutine

Hi everyone,

Im simulating a heat transfer analysis using 2 user defined subroutines (UMATHT + another subroutine (UEXPAN)), looking for a way to run a simple job applying multiple subroutines.was wondering if anyone could help out ,how can i submit e job ?



running job in abaqus with user subroutine

Hello evryone,

Im trying to implement subroutine umat and run a job.but im getting this error through  abaqus cae and cmd (attached file),was wondering if anyone could help me out?im using abaqus 6.10 -VS2008-IVF 11 AND successfully run some examples from abaqus verification.i also can send my fortran file ( .for) and input abaqus file for more clarification if you require. any help really apreciated.


Abaqus tools

<p>Hi all</p>
<p>im modeling an laminated rubber isolator in abaqus and i have used mooney rivlin model.My model consists of three layers of rubber and steel plates in between.&nbsp; I dont know how to view the results for seperate parts of rubber and also how to adjust the contour plot valuees. kindly help me with it. thanks in advance.<a href=""><br /></a></p>

Contact between two surfaces in Abaqus

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 


Chip formation in thermomechanical simulation of metal cutting


I am simulating thermomechanical model in Abaqus. I am not able to get chip out. I have used shear deformation criterion. Is there any key step to achieve this?

Also I am facing problem with coupled thermomechanical CPE4RT element. I am using Dynamic explicit thermal displacement step. In this step I didn't find adiabatic heating option, Abaqus is giving me warning about it. What are the necessary inputs for this simulation.

Please answer if anybody knows about this.

link abaqus 6.10 and intel fortran 11 to use subroutines

Hi everyone

 I did so much efforts but  I could not reach a successful link
between abaqus 6.10 and Intel fortran 11 and in abaqus verification it didn't
pass.  Is there any obvious way to solve this problem? I have not find any
suitable solution in the internet :(




Postprocessing of user elements and user element output in abaqus 6.10


I have made a user element, UEL of a cohesive zone element. which is a 8 noded brick element with zero thickness. After solving models using this element I would like postprocess the model in abaqus CAE 6.10 in the way that I am able to:

User subroutine in fortran 90 for abaqus

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Hi Abaqus experts

I am hoping that you can help me getting a element user subroutine writen in fortran f90 to work in Abaqus. I have made the simplest 8 noded brick element element that i can think of. I has a zero thickness and only has some simple definitions of the parameters ESTIFF,RHS,SVARS and PNEWDT. I have made a model with one single element of this user element where the upper part is displaced from the lower part which are fixed.

When I try to run the model I get the following message in the log file:

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