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running job in abaqus with user subroutine

Hello evryone,

Im trying to implement subroutine umat and run a job.but im getting this error through  abaqus cae and cmd (attached file),was wondering if anyone could help me out?im using abaqus 6.10 -VS2008-IVF 11 AND successfully run some examples from abaqus verification.i also can send my fortran file ( .for) and input abaqus file for more clarification if you require. any help really apreciated.



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errors 14x have been discussed in the ABAQUS mailing list

Search the archive.

The error is quite common when using subroutines and was reported also in one case when using only standard commands. One posting reported this error when porting the code to another operating system.

My advice is to modify the initial, maximum and minimum time increment. Try increasing and decreasing these parameters. Define a parameter study for convenience. This is a workaround, though not an explanation.

Good luck


thanks for ur response,

do you have any idea that the error (ifort :command line remark #10279) is coming from linking problem or from .for (fortran file)file,compiler issue??

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