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User-defined amplitudeS using UAMP subroutine in ABAQUS

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Dear all,

I need to use two user-defined amplitudes in my model in order to apply two separate variable-dependent forces on two separate partitions. I have been struggling with this for long now, and the documentation says "There is one exception in Abaqus/Standard: only one solution-dependent amplitude (used for superplastic forming) can be active during each step."

I see the possibility of defining multiple solution-dependent amplitudes in CAE, but in UAMP the variables such as ampValueOld, ampValueNew, etc. may take only one value. 

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Bone remodeling: Komarova model

Dear Community,

I make a code public for bone remodeling, using the Komarova model. It was developed by me alone. I provide the code as is, without warranty.

The agreement between my data and the ones from a reference are very good for fixed loading, but deviate for a more intricate loading. Lacking access to Abaqus with a Fortran compiler, I am at present unable to pinpoint the cause for the discrepancy between my data and data from the reference. The code can serve as a starting point and I give directions how to identify the cause for that discrepancy.

crack propagation in Abaqus (VCCT) with remeshing

I started using VCCT with quarter tip elements in Abaqus (not XFEM). I can solve the problem and get the SIFs.
How can I let the crack grow? Has someone a script for crack growth and remeshing that I can implement?

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Subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of modeling moving heat sources pops up, often in the context of laser heating.

One can achieve this using the subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS.

I decided to post some links here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance.

Please note that I have never worked with any one of these codes and have no access to ABAQUS at present.

No warranty is given by me.

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ABAQUS built-in SMA model

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of SMA (shape memory alloy) modeling pops up.

In ABAQUS, you can achieve this only by (V)UMAT coding or by using the little-known built-in SMA model.

In the past I have frequently responded to queries on SMA modeling and could refer to a customer help site of SIMULIA. That site is down, regrettably.

I decided to post the files here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance and uploading the files as E-mail attachment every time.

MSC.Marc Subroutine

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I wrote the following subroutine to extract nodal stress values. It perfectly writes down the nodal stresses in MSC.Marc installed for Linux; however, when I try to implement this subroutine in MSC.Marc installed for Windows using intel(R) Visual Fortran compiler, error "forrt1: severe <157>: Program Exception - access violation" occurs.

The subroutine is:

      subroutine impd(lnode,dd,td,xord,stnod,f,v,a)

      include '../common/implicit'

      include '../common/array3'

      include '../common/array2'

Abaqus 6.13 Help needed - Subroutine UHYPER

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Hello all, I am in a desperate need of some expert help

For a newbie at Abaqus with subroutines,

After months of trying, finally installed Abaqus, verified results all passed.

(Abaqus 6.13, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013)

 Couple of questions-

writing UHARD subroutine in ABAQUS - power law hardening

Hello All,

I am required to incorporate the simplest form of constitutive law - elasto-plastic material with power law isotropic hardening in ABAQUS. 

Does any one know where to look for tutorials on writing UHARD in ABAQUS?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jay Patel

how to apply USDFLD to specific areas of a FE model

Hi, I'm modeling a composite box structure consisting of several fillet zones. Now I know only those fillet zones will develop progressive damage. The question is how I can apply USDFLD into only thiese zones, instead of making subroutine calculation of the whole model. I suppose there should be an argument to specify the range of elements  into subroutine calulation, anyone knows that? Thx

Linking Abaqus 6.12-3 + VS 2012 pro+ Intel Compose XE 2013

Hi there,


Recently I had lots of problem with linking ABAQUS and Fortran compiler together. I did all of the things which has been described in forums but none of them worked for me. Finally I found the solution.

I'm using ABAQUS 6.12-3, Visual Studio 2012 Professional and Intel Composer XE Suites 2013. For linking them simply follow these steps:

1- find the file ifortvars.bat and its path.

about applying load using subroutine in ABAQUS

In CAE, we can apply the concretrated force on a picked node. However, if we want to use 
subroutine  to difine a complicated force, such as moving load, then we must refer to the COORDS of a point. Because we can use the COORDS of integration points other than nodes, then how to transfer the  node load to the integration points load? Any information will be appreciated.



User subroutine interface

How to find the average temperature a surface? ABAQUS -Heat transfer -user subroutine

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I want to model a concrete slab with a void inside the concrete. It is a thermal analyse where I apply a heat flux to the bottom surface. Within the void heat is transferred by radiation and convection. For simulating heat convection within the void, I use the surface film condition function in interaction module. I have to define the film coefficient and sink temperature. I decided to use the average temperature of the void surface for sink temperature. I don’t know how to define the average surface temperature. I think I have to use Abaqus Subroutine.


Hello everyone,

 I am running a UMAT on ABAQUS. However, I need to call another subroutine : URDFIL. I have included the URDFIL subroutine in the same file as the UMAT subroutine.

The problem is that when I run the program, ONLY the UMAT subroutine runs. It looks as if ABAQUS ignores completely the URDFIL subroutine (It doesn't run it at all). Do we have to include anything 

specific in the INPUT file in order for ABAQUS to take the URDFIL into account?

Thanks for the help!

- Jack


link abaqus 6.10 and intel fortran 11 to use subroutines

Hi everyone

 I did so much efforts but  I could not reach a successful link
between abaqus 6.10 and Intel fortran 11 and in abaqus verification it didn't
pass.  Is there any obvious way to solve this problem? I have not find any
suitable solution in the internet :(




Need help in executing ANSYS subroutine userpr

Dear all

I need help in executing ANSYS user programmable feature (UPF), specifically subroutine userpr (changing element pressure information) for my 2D model. I have read the manual but don't understand the subroutine program structure (attached below). Can someone kindly explain how can I activate and run the subroutine?


"Subroutine Userpr text file":

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