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User-defined amplitudeS using UAMP subroutine in ABAQUS

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Dear all,

I need to use two user-defined amplitudes in my model in order to apply two separate variable-dependent forces on two separate partitions. I have been struggling with this for long now, and the documentation says "There is one exception in Abaqus/Standard: only one solution-dependent amplitude (used for superplastic forming) can be active during each step."

I see the possibility of defining multiple solution-dependent amplitudes in CAE, but in UAMP the variables such as ampValueOld, ampValueNew, etc. may take only one value. 

How to export NODAL DISPLACEMENT in a UAMP subroutine in ABAQUS?

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    I am a new user in ABAQUS. I want to do an analysis on a cantilever beam, where force applied to the beam deforms it, and depending on its deformation the direction of the force changes.

In order to calculate the change in direction of the force I need DISPLACEMENT INFORMATION at two different set of nodes where forces are being applied. I am planning to use UAMP for

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