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How to export NODAL DISPLACEMENT in a UAMP subroutine in ABAQUS?


    I am a new user in ABAQUS. I want to do an analysis on a cantilever beam, where force applied to the beam deforms it, and depending on its deformation the direction of the force changes.

In order to calculate the change in direction of the force I need DISPLACEMENT INFORMATION at two different set of nodes where forces are being applied. I am planning to use UAMP for

this purpose, by varying the x and y component amplitude of the forces, I can calculate the resultant force acting on a particular node. For this I need to export the DISPLACEMENT DATA of

atleast two different node set from which I can calculate the angle at which the force is acting as θ = atan[(Uy2-Uy1)/(Ux2-Ux1)], and finally calculate the force components as Fx=F*Cos(θ)

and Fy=F*sin(θ), where F is to be calculated in FORTRAN subroutine. I intend to do it in a FORTRAN SUBROUTINE and then transfer this values to ABAQUS. Iwant to inquire about the folowing


1. I am planning to do it in the load defining step using UAMP by varying the amplitude. Can I define two different amplitudes for CF1 and CF2 in the edit load window? Is there any other better way of doing this?

2. In whatever way I intend to do this, I will need to export the NODAL DISPLACEMENT VALUE to the FORTRAN subroutine in order to calculate the angle theta? How can I export the nodal displacement data to a FORTRAN subroutine?

I am attaching a figure with this for further reference....


Thank you very much all for your help and support...




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i've used vamp in abaqus and the velocity of a specific node is imported to the subroutine as a time-dependent variable. you could use the sensor of field output, and there's a getSensorValue function in UAMP.

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