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Drucker Prager Plasticity model

Hi All,

I am trying to code the Drucker prager plasticity model for the 2D plane strain case using consistent tangent modulus. I am using C++, therefore I would appreciate if anyone could share relevant materials which I could use and preferrably for the 2D case so it is not unnecessarily complicated.


crack propagation in Abaqus (VCCT) with remeshing

I started using VCCT with quarter tip elements in Abaqus (not XFEM). I can solve the problem and get the SIFs.
How can I let the crack grow? Has someone a script for crack growth and remeshing that I can implement?

Abaqus 2d contact model not working




Sorry in advance, but this will be a long story...
Thank you for taking the time to look at it! :)


I have a 2D model that worked fine until a couple of
days ago where I tried changing the mesh a bit. Now when I try to run it aborts
calculation and gives some of the following errors:


- There are 14 unconnected regions in the model.

2D Mooney Rivlin Strain Energy Function


I want to model a tissue using the Mooney Rivlin strain energy function. However, I am currently working in 2D (plane stress or plane strain would do). I only found the 3D material model for the strain energy density function online. What modifications should I make for converting it to 2d? I read that there is only 1 parameter required for the 2D case as opposed to the 3D case. What is the equation of this function? Is there any relation between the parameter C10 and C01 of the 3D case, and C1 of the 2D case for the same material?

crack propagation using XFEM

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hi everyone my name is sarah

i am new to abaqus.i wonder if anyone can help me. i made a crack propagation model in 2D.unfortunately the crack wasn`t propagated. Only there was a separation between the two surfaces where the crack line is in between. How can i make the crack tip propagates through the line drawn?


Elasto-Plastic Analysis of metal component with Cyclic Loading



I am pursuing my master's in Mech. Engg. and working on Abaqus for FEA of components. In one of the analysis, 

I am required to apply cyclic loading on the component to determine the Stresses at the edges. Its a compression

cyclic loading with kinematic hardening taken into account. From the documentation for ABAQUS 6.9.1, I found that

in order to apply kinematic hardening in metals, one must take it as Combined (Isotropic + Kinematic) Hardening.


The two concerns I have about this analysis are:

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