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hardening law

writing UHARD subroutine in ABAQUS - power law hardening

Hello All,

I am required to incorporate the simplest form of constitutive law - elasto-plastic material with power law isotropic hardening in ABAQUS. 

Does any one know where to look for tutorials on writing UHARD in ABAQUS?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jay Patel

Inelasticity of Materials:An Engineering approch and practical guide by Arun Srinivasa

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Has anyone followed the book Inelasticity of Materials by Arun Srinivasa?

 I was interested in the way he used lumped parameter models to describe material behaviour in Chapter 3. Trying to follow his methodology I wanted to implement it for some experimental results I have.

 However, I have faced an obstacle in trying to work out the hardening modulus of the the material in question. He has worked it out for his example case by curve fitting but I am just not getting the answer.

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