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Abaqus User element UEL

Issues with the implementation of Strain gradient plasticity framework of Niordson and Hutchinson (2003) in ABAQUS UEL

I have implemented the rate-independent strain gradient plasticity framework of Niordson and Hutchinson (2003) in UEL. I was able to validate the results of the shear of infinitely wide thin layer between two rigid surfaces (Niordson and Hutchinson, 2003). However, the UEL subroutine fails to converge for the more complex problem of the shear of finite width slab. I suspect the convergence issues are arising out of internal elastic-plastic boundary conditions and the yield criteria. I have few doubts in this regard.


1073741819 error code in ABAQUS

Dear all,

I'm using UEL in ABAQUS. The UEL works perfectly as far as I have 256 time increments (each 1e-6 sec). When I'm trying to increase the time increments (let's say 512 with the same 1e-6 sec per increment) Abaqus gives me error code 1073741819.

I'm running Abaqus 6.14.2 with Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 on a Windows 7. CPUs are 3rd generation.

I would appreciate if you could help me to figure it out.

Best Regards,

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Abaqus UEL for coupled diffusion-deformation theory for elastomeric gels

We have a new paper in IJSS that discusses details about Abaqus user elements, in the context of polymer gels, that may be useful to the community. The supplemental material of the paper provides the UEL code, some input files, as well as a short tutorial that should be helpful to others in their own research projects, even if not related to gels.

The link to the files is:

One time calculation in UEL

Dear All,

I'm a new UEL user. In my UEL I have a big Matrix which eigenvalues and eigenvectors of these matric is needed. the matrix is not changing during the time and it has constant elements. As you may know, calculating eigenvalues and eigenvectors is a time consuming procedure. In every time incerement, ABAQUS calculating eigenvalues and eigenvectors with bunch of other things in UEL.

Calling a File inside of the UEL

Hi everybody,

I'm writing a User Difined Element (UEL) for my research.

Would you please let me know if it's possible to call a file (txt, dat, etc) inside of the UEL or not?


    IF (LFLAGS(3)=1) THEN
        OPEN (UNIT = 10, FILE = "AAA.dat", STATUS = "OLD")
        READ (10, *), StiffnessTable
    END IF

Thanks in advance,


User subroutine in fortran 90 for abaqus

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hi Abaqus experts

I am hoping that you can help me getting a element user subroutine writen in fortran f90 to work in Abaqus. I have made the simplest 8 noded brick element element that i can think of. I has a zero thickness and only has some simple definitions of the parameters ESTIFF,RHS,SVARS and PNEWDT. I have made a model with one single element of this user element where the upper part is displaced from the lower part which are fixed.

When I try to run the model I get the following message in the log file:

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Section points in user elements


Dear Group,

does anyone know how section points can be defined in user-defined elements UEL ?

I am trying to program my own beam element in ABAQUS. The beam element library does not provide a beam element with temperature as a degree of freedom which would come as an asset in our application.

Beam elements feature so-called section that provide the spatial resolution through the thickness. I cannot find any clue how this can be programmed. ABAQUS standard elements give results for strain, stress and the like at these section points.

User Element for muscle model, with static condensation

Hi all


I am in the process of developing my first user element in Abaqus, and finding it rather difficult. 

application requires modelling muscle behaviour. Hence a spring model
(linear at this stage) with 3 elements: 2 in series with each other,
and these 2, parallel to the third was implemented.

My problem involves static condensation of the stiffness matrix. (similar to mixed-methods)

Any advice/assistance would be great. Especially with regard to development of the user element in Abaqus.


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