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ABAQUS/Explicit - define the number of calculation frames (default is 20?)

Dear fellows,


I am performing quasi-static analysis on ABAQUS/Explicit and I would like to know how one can change the number of time frames used in calculation. It is my understanding that the default value is 20 frames, but I would like to increase this number, if possible.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for any input in advance.


You can change the frame in field output under step module.(in interval box)

Thanks for sharing


If you go into field requests you can change the frequency
to x  units of . So if you specify x = 0.1 you will get 10 frames, x =
0.05 you get 20 etc. I'm not near my work machine at the minute but if
you cant get it working I can give you better description again

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