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oscillation curve

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Cohesive (zero thickness): NODE NUMBERING MIDE NOT BE CORRECT (Abaqus)

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Hi all,


 I'm trying to model a 2D cohesive layer with a zero-thickness in Abaqus (6.11.2)
The shape of the layer is a quarter circle.


When modelling this i first create a cohesive layer with a certain thickness.
I then convert the part of this cohesive layer to a orphan mesh, then edit the mesh, such that a zero thickness layer is created.


However when i want to submit the job i get the following error message:


Abaqus cohesive elements/cohesive surface

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For my
graduation project I’m working on a model to describe cracking behavior. For
this model I want to model a fibre-epoxy interface, see the attached figure 1
(due to symmetry only a quarter is modeled). The fibre part is modeled with
lineair elastic material. The epoxy part is modeled with CPS4 elements, with
elastic behavior and MAXPS damage (damaged evolution included). The connection
between the fibre and epoxy interface can be modeled with both a cohesive
surface and cohesive elements.  However

Bilinear-Law of cohesive element in LS-DYNA


I'm coding a user materils for cohesive elemnt in dyna, But I met some problems, hope anyone could give some guidance or help . 

I'm trying to code my own user material subroutine for cohesive element in ls-dyna.  The cohesive element formulation is already predefined and exists  in *SECTION card ( elform=19). 

Cohesive crack - how to verify model? Cant figure out how to output stress intensity factor...


I am simulating crack propagation with cohesive elements. In order to verify that my model is working correctly I wanted to compare it to some real world data or benchmark examples. One such example is in the Abaqus Benchmarks manual - a flat plate with a crack in the center.

Traction properties

Dear Abaqus Users,

    When modeling Composite structures,I got a difficulty in giving the properties of Traction, can some one expalin me

E/knn, 1/kss, G2/ktt

How can we determine the values of Knn,ktt,Kss




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Cohesive behaviour for Interaction in Abaqus Explicit at the interface of materials

I am working on effects of Blast Loading in sandwich composites using Abaqus. I want to incorporate Cohesive behaviour at the interface of the two materials in the sandwich composite structure i am analysing.

Cohesive Failure Law

Can anyone please suggest material for Cohesive Failure Model. I need to know the basic concepts that deals with cohesive failure model. I would also like to know how deltanc, deltatc etc are formulated in this model. Please sugggest.

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