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Postdoc position at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France

A Postdoc position on “Risk-based Selection of Constitutive Models for Geotechnical Analysis” is open at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France. Fore more details, see the attached pdf file.

Soil Mechanics and Fossil Dinosaur Trackways

My PhD student Peter Falkingham (who graduated 15 December 2010) has published some interesting papers on Dinosaur Trackways. These might be of interest to those teaching Soil Mechanics, to give some examples that might be more stimulating than foundation design or traditional geotechnical engineering.

References below:

Falkingham P.L., Bates K.T., Margetts L. and Manning P.L. (2011) "The 'Goldilocks' effect: Presevational bias in vertebrate track assemblages", Journal of the Royal Society Interface, accepted for publication. Impact factor 4.241.

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For Geotechnics Abaqus Users!

Hello colleagues,

Iam trying to model load test on board pile. I have already a model which is working but not as I need. I think the interaction between pile and soil is not correctly defined. Has someone an experience with this issue.? How I should define the interaction between soil and pile?

Attached .inp file.



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Modelling of load test on board pile by Abaqus

Hi all,
has someone experience with modelling soils in Abaqus? I am trying to model load test on board pile, some errors apear, like so many attempts made for this increment...too large fixed time, etc. I am pleased to share .inp file of analysis.

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2 PhD scholarships in geotechnical engineering at UPC, Barcelona

Two PhD scholarships, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, are currently available in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) (Barcelona, Spain). The PhD positions are associated to the Project “Progressive failure and the reactivation of big landslides: Analysis, prediction and risks (BIG RISK)” with Professor Eduardo Alonso and Professor Jordi Corominas as principal researchers.

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