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von Mises or Equivalent stress for Beam Elements

Are there analytical expressions for computing von Mises or equivalent stress at any point for Beam elements similar to the ones in continuum elements? I would like to design a structure with beam elements and ensure that the equivalent stress is within bounds (yield stress etc) for the structure to be safe.

Soil Mechanics and Fossil Dinosaur Trackways

My PhD student Peter Falkingham (who graduated 15 December 2010) has published some interesting papers on Dinosaur Trackways. These might be of interest to those teaching Soil Mechanics, to give some examples that might be more stimulating than foundation design or traditional geotechnical engineering.

References below:

Falkingham P.L., Bates K.T., Margetts L. and Manning P.L. (2011) "The 'Goldilocks' effect: Presevational bias in vertebrate track assemblages", Journal of the Royal Society Interface, accepted for publication. Impact factor 4.241.

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Marc/Mentat: Von Mises Stress in cantilever beam


I am performing a very simple cantilever analysis with 5 beam elements in Mentat. I get good results for deflection but Von Mises Stress is very small!! I was thinking that probably I need to connect the elements (rigid body?) or make nodal ties because the Moment Tensor is 0 in all 3 directions, but I don't know how to do it and I can't find an answer in the software documentation.

Can anybody help me?



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Dear all,

Do you have any reference about the theory of plasticity? Especially about flow theory and von Mises yield criterion?

For example if I have an effective stress - plastic strain relationship, and I after yielding, I increase my strain again, how can I obtain the increment of the plastic strain and the stress deviator tensor?

Thanks a lot.



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