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Geotechnical engineering

Postdoc/PhD positions on granular materials and debris flow modeling at Tsinghua University, Shenzhen, China

Multiple postdoc and one PhD positions are open at Tsinghua University to investigate mechanics and numerical modeling of granular materials and debris flows through a multiscale approach integrating experiments, simulations, and theory. The research will take place at Tsinghua University’s Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS), located in Shenzhen, China, and is partly sponsored by NSFC and Tsinghua SIGS’s scientific research startup funds.

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MS Invitation "Multiscale Machine Learning for Geotechnical and Geophysics and Geomechanics Applications: from Grain- to Field-scales" @IACM conf. MMLDT-CSET 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the symposium on Multiscale Machine Learning for Geotechnical and Geophysics and Geomechanics Applications: from Grain- to Field-scales at the MMLDT-CSET 2021 conference, September 26-29:

Modelling cyclic behaviour of soil using UMAT

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

I have been trying to model the cyclic behaviour of soil. I got a UMAT. But when I'm using UMAT, it is creating lot many errors (like numerical singularity and excessive distortion). I have constrained it properly. I tried running my model with an inbuilt material (clay plasticity) and I'm getting results. Here I'm not even able to move from the initial geostatic step. Can anyone please help

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh

Applications are invited for a 2 year Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Andrew Bunger's group at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The group conducts research in geomechanics with an emphasis on mechanics of hydraulic fractures and poromechanics of rocks.

PhD Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering Postgraduate Research of the University of Adelaide

One research scholarship is immediately available to support a PhD
student to work on a project in Geotechnical Engineering area.  The project is funded by the Australian
Research Council (ARC) and lasts 3 years. 
The scholarship will provide a stipend of A$ 25,392 per annum (in
2014).  Tuition waiver will be
nominated.  Exceptional candidate is
eligible to be awarded an extra amount of allowance in appreciation of his (or

Full-time Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vienna, Austria

The Institute of Geotechnical Engineering at the Department of Civil
Engineering and Natural Hazards, at the University of Natural Resources and Life
Sciences (Universität für Bodenkultur), Vienna, Austria, invites applications
for a position in Geotechnical Engineering at the postdoctoral research
associate level.

The director of the institute is Prof. Wei Wu.

Contract: Full-time, fixed term of 6 years

Salary: € 52.498,60 per year (before tax)

Closing date for applications: 01.04.2012

Details on:

Soil Mechanics and Fossil Dinosaur Trackways

My PhD student Peter Falkingham (who graduated 15 December 2010) has published some interesting papers on Dinosaur Trackways. These might be of interest to those teaching Soil Mechanics, to give some examples that might be more stimulating than foundation design or traditional geotechnical engineering.

References below:

Falkingham P.L., Bates K.T., Margetts L. and Manning P.L. (2011) "The 'Goldilocks' effect: Presevational bias in vertebrate track assemblages", Journal of the Royal Society Interface, accepted for publication. Impact factor 4.241.

Mohr Coulomb model -Cap model


I have a problem with the simulation of Mohr Coulomb problem. I want to set the properties of a sand. I use the experimental data from papers and i try to find the bearing capacity for a footing on sand. I set density ρ, E modulus of elasticity , ν Poissoin's ratio and for the Mohr Coulomb model i set φ shear strength, ψ dilatancy , c cohesion (a very small value=0.00001 ) for strain 0 . Does it need anything else? Does it need for hardening parameters any diagram for cohesion -plastic strain for the Mohr Coulomb model? 

Hi! everybody I want Umat hardening soil model for ABAQUS 3D.

Hi! Everybody

At the moment, I am studying for master's degree for geotechnical engineering.  I want Umat hardening soil model for ABAQUS 3D.  If you have it or you know a website, which I can download it.  Please sent it to me at my email-address----> Thank you so much.

                                                                                 Best regards                              

Hi! I want Subroutine umat for Hypoplasticity model,Sdvini and inp.file one-element(Fortran source) for ABAQUS.

Hi everybody

    At present, I am studying for master's degree for geotechnical engineering.  I am

interest in subroutine umat for ABAQUS very much. Especially, subroutine umat

drained and undrained condition.  I wish you, who has them or know a website to

download them. I wish you to send subroutine umat drained and undrained

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Modelling of load test on board pile by Abaqus

Hi all,
has someone experience with modelling soils in Abaqus? I am trying to model load test on board pile, some errors apear, like so many attempts made for this increment...too large fixed time, etc. I am pleased to share .inp file of analysis.

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2 PhD scholarships in geotechnical engineering at UPC, Barcelona

Two PhD scholarships, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, are currently available in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) (Barcelona, Spain). The PhD positions are associated to the Project “Progressive failure and the reactivation of big landslides: Analysis, prediction and risks (BIG RISK)” with Professor Eduardo Alonso and Professor Jordi Corominas as principal researchers.

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