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constitutive modeling

Postdoctoral research associate position in Mechanics of Materials at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

A postdoctoral research associate position is available starting immediately in the area of modeling material behavior with emphasis on constitutive modeling, homogenization, energetic materials. Candidates with expertise in multiscale techniques are particularly encouraged to apply. The hire will interact closely with a group of investigators from multiple universities. The qualified candidate will have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science. The duration of the appointment is 12 - 14 months.

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New article on inelastic homogenization through machine learning

I would like to share another article from my group just published in CMAME. I think this is an interesting approach towards the automatic generation of constitutive laws for arbitrary microstructures:

The article focuses on how to systematically create constitutive laws using only:

1) Available microstructural models

2) Machine learning techniques

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Computational Geomechanics mini-symposium at EMI 2019 Caltech

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to cordially invite you to the Computational Geomechanics mini-symposium in EMI 2019, which will be held on June 18–21, 2019 at Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA. The abstract submission is now open at until January 30, 2019. The mini-symposium description is given below:


EMI 2019, June 18–21, 2019. Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA.

(Joint conference with Geo-Institute)


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PhD Position in Multiscale Modeling of Materials for Energy

A PhD position is open for summer or fall 2017 in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at Louisiana Tech University on multiscale modeling of materials for energy applications with emphasis on ferroic materials. The candidates must have earned a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering or related fields and have a solid background in theoretical and computational mechanics, specifically continuum mechanics and finite element modeling, and need to be familiar with a programming language (preferably C/C++).

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PhD student or Postdoc Position available at Columbia University

A PhD or postdoc position is available in  computational multiscale modelling of geological materials at my research group.Interested candidates please visit for general information. Answers of general admission question can be found at  

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RVE analysis without BCs and periodic mesh requirements

RVE analysis becomes a routine exercise in material modeling. Usually it is carried out using finite element codes such as ABAQUS or ANSYS. The main thing one should pay attention is to applying the right boundary conditions. It is settled that periodic boundary conditions are the preferred boundary conditions to be applied. The BCs are that u_i-\epsilon_{ij}x_j should be equal on the corresponding edges. This type of boundary conditions can be applied using coupled equations constraints. This requires that one creates a mesh with corresponding nodes on periodic edges.

Postdoctoral position in Mechanical Engineering - Shape Memory Alloys

The following description is for a position is in my research group at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

About Khalifa University (

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Post-doctoral Position in Theoretical and Computational Solid Mechanics at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is currently seeking outstanding candidates for a post-doctoral research position in the areas of solid mechanics, constitutive modeling, computational methods, and multi-scale modeling and simulation techniques. The prospective candidate is expected to take part in theory and computational method development for the effective representation of plasticity, damage and failure in solid materials.

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Minisymposium 'MS 13: Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures' at EMI 2015 at Stanford University

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to draw your attention to the minisymposium entitled 'MS 13: Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures', which we are organizing as part of the EMI 2015 Conference (Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference) to be held in Stanford, United States, June 16-19 2015.

Postdoctoral position in computational solid mechanics

Job Summary:
The postdoctoral research associate is expected to
provide research support within the frame of a multi-year engineering
research project undertaken by faculty from the departments of
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Math and Sciences at Khalifa
University. Limited teaching or other academic duties may be assigned to
the successful candidate under the supervision of the Advisor as
required by the University.
The successful candidate will be

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Microplane modeling of shape memory alloy tubes under tension, torsion, and proportional tension–torsion loading

In this paper, a phenomenological constitutive
model based on microplane model is used to simulate tension, torsion and proportional tension-torsion on NiTi thin-walled tube. Validation of the
microplane model against experimental results in different loading conditions demonstrates
the capability of this approach.
This publication will benefit the numerical and experimental study on SMAs.




Postdoc position at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France

A Postdoc position on “Risk-based Selection of Constitutive Models for Geotechnical Analysis” is open at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France. Fore more details, see the attached pdf file.

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17 th National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics June 15-20 (Michigan State University)

Dear all,

I would like to bring to your attention the following minisymposium that is organized as part of the NCTAM 17 (Michigan State University, June 15-20, 2014)


Friction, Adhesion and Fracture: From microscale physics to macroscale response

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Mini-symposium 'Cyclic Plasticity Models for Sheet Metal Forming' - NUMISHEET 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite to you to submit an abstract to the mini-symposium on 'Cyclic Plasticity Models for Sheet Metal Forming' at the 9th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes (NUMISHEET) to be held at Melbourne - Australia January 6-10, 2014 ( 

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Call for Papers - Rubber Division ACS mini-symposium on Mechanics and Modelling, Cincinatti, 9-11 Oct 2012

The Rubber Division, ACS is now accepting online
abstract submissions for the 182nd Technical Meeting being held during the
Rubber Expo at the Duke Energy Center, October 9-11, 2012, in Cincinnati, OH,
USA.  Papers will be judged and awards presented
for Best Paper and Best Paper - Honorable Mention.

Official Call for Papers:

Abstracts Due: Friday, May 18, 2012

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Hyperelastic material characterization: why they call it the pure shear specimen

Many people puzzle over the nomenclature of the pure shear test. They rightly point out that 1) the Pure Shear test piece is loaded in tension by extending the specimen in the axial direction, and 2) a shearing deformation, by definition, involves the lateral motion of parallel planes. They wonder where is the "shear"? and what does it mean to say that the shear is "pure"?  Here, we review the origins of the terminology. 

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USNCCM-11 Minisymposium: Advances in Modeling Damage and Failure at High Strain Rates

11th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics, Minneapolis, July 25-29, 2011
Minisymposium 8.4  Advances in Modeling Damage and Failure at High Strain Rates

For abstract submission, go to the conference website at or click here
Abstract submission deadline: January 31, 2011


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Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Computational Mechanics -- Accepting Applications until Position is Filled

Job description
A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in the Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory
(CSML) in the Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of
Science and Technology (KAUST). Candidates with experience in one or more of the following
research areas are encouraged to apply:
(1) Constitutive modeling of materials (metals, biological tissues, polymers, gels, soft active
materials, …etc.)

Gibbs free energy and constitutive equations

I don't know if my understanding of the following is correct, so I would appreciate your comments. I have an expression for Gibbs free energy of a material G=G(σ,T,...). Is it correct to derive the equation for strain as ε=∂G/∂σ ?

Ask for a constitutive model for soil with dilantancy and hardening

Dear researchers,

My name is Chi and I just started my PhD study two months ago. I am experimentally and numerically studying the pore pressure build-up in sands during the pile load test and hence, at the first stage, I need to have a constitutive model for soil with both dilatancy and hardening behaviors.

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Newsletter for the ASME Committee on Constitutive Equations - Summer 2008

Mechanics community,

Please find attached the summer 2008 edition of the ASME Committee on Constitutive Equations Newsletter.  Included in the newletter is an article written by Prof. Ostoja-Starzewski on "Homogenization and Size of Representative Volume Element (RVE)".



Greg Odegard


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