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2 post-doc positions available at Northwestern University – Mechanics and Energy Lab

Dear Colleagues,


with this message, I would like to advertise 2 post-doctoral research positions at the intersection of electrochemistry and mechanics of materials in my lab at Northwestern University. The two post-doctoral projects will specifically focus on the influence of electrodepositions on the structure, properties, and behavior of soils (project 1) and concrete (project 2).


soil mechanical properties for abaqus model

hi everybody

i am looking for soil mechanical properties for material definition in abaqus.

i need triaxial date or shear data for one type of soil,

can you introduse some database for this work.  

best regards


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For Geotechnics Abaqus Users!

Hello colleagues,

Iam trying to model load test on board pile. I have already a model which is working but not as I need. I think the interaction between pile and soil is not correctly defined. Has someone an experience with this issue.? How I should define the interaction between soil and pile?

Attached .inp file.



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Modelling of load test on board pile by Abaqus

Hi all,
has someone experience with modelling soils in Abaqus? I am trying to model load test on board pile, some errors apear, like so many attempts made for this increment...too large fixed time, etc. I am pleased to share .inp file of analysis.

Editing KeyWords in ABAQUS- PSI elements

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I am very new to ABAQUS (ABAQUS CAE) and I am trying to model a burried segmented pipeline. when I was going through the manuals I found that we could use PSI elements to model the soil-pipe interaction. On further search I found that this is a feature not supported by CAE and if we want to use it we must use the "Edit Keywords"attribute. Is this the only way to do this or is there any other way to go about using the PSI elements. Any suggestions regarding to editing the Key word options is also welcome. Is there any example that shows us how to modify the keywords ?

I am looking for a PhD Studentship

Hi, I am a master student in Stuttgart University of Germany
I study Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures  

How to measure the deformation in the soil

Recentl, in my research ,I need measure the deformation in the soil caused by the simulation of tunnelling construction in the labotory.In China, I have not found the proper devices to get the deformation occured under the simulation soil surface.Anyone who knows the devices or give me the advice will be appreciated!

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