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Line Spring elements errors

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Failure pressure for Steam generator tube having 2 axial cracks. I am following one paper in that paper they found failure pressure by finding J and K values for line spring elements for different pressure. The pressure at which it approach material JIC(92N/mm) and KIC(65Mpa*sqrt(m)) value is considered as failure pressure or coalescence pressus


Editing KeyWords in ABAQUS- PSI elements

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I am very new to ABAQUS (ABAQUS CAE) and I am trying to model a burried segmented pipeline. when I was going through the manuals I found that we could use PSI elements to model the soil-pipe interaction. On further search I found that this is a feature not supported by CAE and if we want to use it we must use the "Edit Keywords"attribute. Is this the only way to do this or is there any other way to go about using the PSI elements. Any suggestions regarding to editing the Key word options is also welcome. Is there any example that shows us how to modify the keywords ?

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