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abaqus fracture toughness modelling

Cohesive element modelling problem in ABAQUS

Dear All,

I am modelling a 3 point bend specimen with Cohesive elements tied to the upper and lower halves of the specimen in 2d.

The problem is that the CZ elements perform properly only for a combination of element sizes, i.e. a combination of element size of structure and CZ elements, for instance in my case the structure/specimen element size is 0.2mm and CZ is 0.001 or 0.002. For any other combination the adjacent elements bend as shown in the attached image.

I will be glad if someone could explain this behaviour and the solution.

Line Spring elements errors

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Hello, All

***Problem ***

Failure pressure for Steam generator tube having 2 axial cracks. I am following one paper in that paper they found failure pressure by finding J and K values for line spring elements for different pressure. The pressure at which it approach material JIC(92N/mm) and KIC(65Mpa*sqrt(m)) value is considered as failure pressure or coalescence pressus


Smeared Crack and Cohesive zone modeling of concrete in ABAQUS

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Can anybody help me in using smeared crack and cohesive zone modeling in concrete for different grades. I was actually facing problem in using the same to identify fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS. I will also be helpful if anyone let me know about an alternate method to find fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS apart from using models. Thanks in advance.......

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