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Constraint on a beam bottom surface not on the neutral axis


I have a question regarding the beam deflection. As shown in the pic, the roller constraint is applied on the bottom of the beam(Beam A) rather than neutral axis(Beam B). Could anybody help to provide some information about Beam A hand calculation?


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Transformation Matrix


The attached file describes the development of the transformation matrix of a beam element:

New shear lock free finite elements with arbitrary higher order derivative

A set of highly efficient and shear lock free finite elements based on Timoshenko  beam and Reissner-Mindlin plate theories has been developed for the analysis of thin and thick structures. These elements have arbitrary higher order derivatives and do not require any spcial integration scheme. All are isoparametric elements.


Beam elements in Abaqus

Hi every body,

I'm tring to make a beam by using beam elements in Abaqus like this:




Beam-Shell contact in Abaqus

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Hello everybody.


I am doing my diploma project and I have to model an off-shore oil-rig in Abaqus. It's a metallic truss-type system. I've defined all of the elements composing the structure as wire elements and the decks as solids. Does anybody know how to define the contact between the decks and the supporting beams? The decks are supposed to be bolted to the beams.



Radiation in 1D beam finite elements

Hi everyone,


Has anyone ever come across the treatment of radiation heat transfer in one-dimensional beams using FEM ? Convection and conduction are well established, but I was wondering whether radiation is still an open area of research?

 Any links to publications would be very much appreciated, Thank you

Modeling of RCC beam in ABAQUS

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I am trying to model a
RCC beam using a linear line element (B21) for concrete and a linear truss
element (T2D2) for rebar in ABAQUS. Can someone tell me how do I connect rebar with

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buckling with restraint

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How to calculate the shear stiffness of a beam

Lately I began to wonder why I hadn't learned how to calculate the beam shear stiffness in college. I vaguely recalled that the teacher told us the shear stiffness could be omitted in the beam calculation compared to the bending stiffness.

Can anybody show me how to calculate the shear stiffness if it is large enough and cannot be ignored?  Like the example shown in the picture below




corotational formulation for 3D beam

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Beam on elastic foundation

Dear All,

I am wondering that is there any closed form solution for beam on elastic foundation in case which we have got two stiffness for the springs namely (axial and shear stiffness). The axial force are born because of the some loading conditions in the support.Would you please help me about this?

Thank you,


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Had somebody implemented the MMA or GCMMA algorithm (Svanberg) in the 99 lines Topology Optimization Matlab code(Sigmund)?

Hello everybody,

 I need some help. I have a lot of problems trying to implement the MMA or GCMMA optimizer in the Sigmund's Topology Optimization code (99 lines). Have you ever do that?. Please, is very important for my pregraduate thesis.


 Felipe Cárdenas Díaz

Universidad de Concepción - Chile

Solution for beam on elastic beam


I am looking at some deformations in beams.  I have an elastic beam sleeping on another elastic beam and connected via springs that have two dimensional stiffness. Anybody knows how should I go for closed form solution of this beam and obtain deformations in springs??? I can model it in sap2000 or ABAQUS and solve it at there but I am now looking for only closed form solution... Besides, I am looking for deformations in spring caused by applied load. I have attached a sketch of my model. Any idea or comment will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your comment, 

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R C Beams

I am a novice user of abaqus and trying to model crack growth in rc beams with longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups under dynamic loads by try and error method Tongue out

Calculation of natural frequency of beam

1. How to Compute the first three natural frequencies of vibration of cantilever beam?

2. How to Compute the first three natural frequencies of vibration of simple support beam?

3. What is Euler column formula?

Constant Stress across a Beam

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How to connect a beam to shell and a shell to a solid in FEM (Meshing)

How to connect a beam to a shell element in FEM and a shell to a solid? All the three differ in their dof's.

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