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sensitivity analysis

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Postdoc in Data-driven modeling of engineering materials, Czech Technical University in Prague

Come and join us in Prague to become a 2023 CTU Global Postdoctoral Fellow!

Czech Technical University in Prague offers a fully-funded two-year postdoctoral position in Data-driven modeling of engineering materials. The project will be mentored by Anna Kučerová and will involve collaboration with Bořek Patzák within the MuPIF software project.

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Isogeometric Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis in the nonlinear regime

In the works below, an isogeometric analysis combined with adjoint sensitivity analysis is used for the design of mechancial metamaterials. A detailed introduction to isogeometric analysis (IGA), formulation and implementation of adjoint sensitivity analysis in the nonlinear regime for auxetics design is included in the thesis and papers below. The work presents a holistic physics-based approach for structural shape optimization using IGA. Kindly cite the work if you find useful. 


Finite element software with analytical sensitivity analysis


 As structural optimization can be, of course, greatly sped up with the use of analytical sensitivies (analytical gradients) of the e.g. stress with respect to geometrical design variables, I wanted to inquire which FE software has the functionality.  The ones I am aware of: NASTRAN can and ANSYS cannot. How about others?

 Many thanks in advance!



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