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Postdoc position in soft robotics at USC

We have a postdoc opening in the Zhao Research Group ( at University of Southern California. The succesful candidate will develop novel dexterous soft robotic manipulators incorporating advanced sensors and actuators. This is a multi-year, fully funded position, which is available immediately. Candidates should have prior research experience in soft robotics.

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Postdoctoral position in topology optimization of pneumatically actuated sensing metamaterials at Czech Technical University in Prague

One month left to apply! With Ondřej Rokoš, we are looking for a postdoc to work with us on the computationally-driven design of pneumatically actuated microstructures with applications in active mechanical metamaterials (with sensing capabilities) and soft robotics. To achieve this goal, the project aims to develop new topology optimization techniques combining pressure actuation, internal contact, and multi-stability.

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Postdoc Positions at UCSB – Solid Mechanics and Materials

We have openings for postdoctoral positions in the Balakrishna Research Group ( at UCSB. The successful candidate will develop mathematical models (phase-field, molecular dynamics, DFT) and numerical methods to investigate the origins of chemo-mechanical degradation in battery materials. Beyond batteries, we also have openings to pursue original research on topics related to phase transformations in soft magnetic alloys, shape-memory alloys, and light interactive molecular crystals.

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PostDoc Position at Microsolidics Group, IIT Guwahati

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for a potential postdoctoral fellow of any nationality to work at Microsolidics Group, IIT Guwahati in the area of micromechanics and homogenization of fibrous composites/ multiscale modeling of composites. 


There is a funding opportunity from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India limited to 2 years which is received by the candidate directly. The advertisement link is here.

Deadline: 08.10.2023, 17:00 hrs IST

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Postdoc in Data-driven modeling of engineering materials, Czech Technical University in Prague

Come and join us in Prague to become a 2023 CTU Global Postdoctoral Fellow!

Czech Technical University in Prague offers a fully-funded two-year postdoctoral position in Data-driven modeling of engineering materials. The project will be mentored by Anna Kučerová and will involve collaboration with Bořek Patzák within the MuPIF software project.

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