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Isogeometric Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis in the nonlinear regime

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In the works below, an isogeometric analysis combined with adjoint sensitivity analysis is used for the design of mechancial metamaterials. A detailed introduction to isogeometric analysis (IGA), formulation and implementation of adjoint sensitivity analysis in the nonlinear regime for auxetics design is included in the thesis and papers below. The work presents a holistic physics-based approach for structural shape optimization using IGA. Kindly cite the work if you find useful. 


1. Pokkalla, D.K., Wang, Z., Teoh, J.C., Poh, L.H., Lim, C.T. and Quek, S.T., 2022. Soft Missing Rib Structures with Controllable Negative Poisson’s Ratios over Large Strains via Isogeometric Design OptimizationJournal of Engineering Mechanics148(11), p.04022063.

2. Pokkalla, D.K., Poh, L.H. and Quek, S.T., 2021. Isogeometric shape optimization of missing rib auxetics with prescribed negative Poisson’s ratio over large strains using genetic algorithmInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences193, p.106169.

3. Pokkalla, D.K., Wang, Z.P., Poh, L.H. and Quek, S.T., 2019. Isogeometric shape optimization of smoothed petal auxetics with prescribed nonlinear deformation. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering356, pp.16-43.

4. Wang, Z.P. and Kumar, D., 2017. On the numerical implementation of continuous adjoint sensitivity for transient heat conduction problems using an isogeometric approachStructural and Multidisciplinary Optimization56(2), pp.487-500.


1. Pokkalla, D.K. 2020. Isogeometric Shape Optimization of Auxetics with Prescribed Nonlinear Deformation.



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