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1073741819 error code in ABAQUS

Dear all,

I'm using UEL in ABAQUS. The UEL works perfectly as far as I have 256 time increments (each 1e-6 sec). When I'm trying to increase the time increments (let's say 512 with the same 1e-6 sec per increment) Abaqus gives me error code 1073741819.

I'm running Abaqus 6.14.2 with Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 on a Windows 7. CPUs are 3rd generation.

I would appreciate if you could help me to figure it out.

Best Regards,

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Error about Degree of Freedom 11 in Abaqus

Hi friends, I'm new here and also new using abaqus.

I need to do my final project about bird strike analysis using abaqus. But for now, I try to follow the tutorial from youtube about impact bullet first. For some trial sometimes i found errors and never succeed to solve it. Included the impact bullet trial. This is what i've got:


Degree of freedom 11 and at least one of degrees of freedom 1 thru 6 must be active in the model for *dynamic temp-disp. Check the procedure and element types used in this model.


Problem in printing out the global stiffness matrix

Hi everyone,

I'm using UEL in ABAQUS. My model just has one 4-node element (defined in UEL) fixed in one end. When I'm running the UEL, it's working without any problm. But when I' trying to print out the global stiffness matrix I'm getting this error: "aborted with system error code 1073740940".

This is the way that I'm trying to print it out:


Fluent Start up Error, Please help

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Hi everybody,
I have installed the ANSYS 14 package, All the included softwares are working properly except Fluent.
during start up the following message appears:

Loading "C:\...\lib\fl_s1119.dmp"

No error handler available.
Error encountered in critical code section

Hit return to exit.

Would you please help me with that?
Thank you very much in advance.
Looking forward to your answers

Abaqus - Job aborts reporting that it can't change the current working directory.


I have an Abaqus 6.12-3 installed on a Windows 8 64-bit system.
Everything works smoothly. I am easily able to take control of the CAE
and model, define loads, steps, sections and jobs. The problem is while
running the jobs. The job aborts splashing an error "Unable to change
the current working directory to
C:\Users\ANIABU~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Ani Abu_I-beam_3876." This happens
with all the jobs. Rarely does the job complete successfully, but I am
unable to understand the underlying procedure. I did not request any


Hi colleague

 does anybody know, what is this strange error :   Error in connection to analysis

i am trying to model fracture mechanics on piezoelecteric material, when i select the piezoelectric as a familiy in mesh part, then when runing the model, i recieve this error. if anybody knows how to fix it please help me.thanks 

Error Message

<strong>i'm modeling a three pavement layer with tandem loading in explicite mode. i dont know why aborted that analysing with this message:</strong>

 "The ratio of deformation speed to wave speed exceeds 1.0000 in at least one element. This usually indicates an error with the model definition. Additional diagnostic information may be found in the message file.

Abaqus/Explicit Analysis exited with an error - Please see the  status file for possible error messages if the file exists."


stack overflow error in Fortran?

Dear All

I got the following error msg in Compaq Visual Fortran.
forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow
How to solve this problem?

Best Regards

J. Amani

Illegal floating point operation

Can anyone shed some light on this particular error?

ABAQUS Error: The executable /app2/6.6-1/exec/standard.exe

aborted with system error "Illegal floating point operation" (signal 8).

Is there a possible reason for this error as I have gone through my code many times and dont find any suspicious statements that could lead to this error.  

This occured when I was running my analysis with a USDFLD and MPC subroutine

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